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5 Simple Practices To Boost + Maximize Your Business Productivity

maximize business productivityDo you know what it means to maximize business productivity?

We all might understand the concept of being productive — in our daily lives and at work.

And there are tons of resources to help you boost your productivity available to you — in blog posts, podcasts, magazines, self-help books… you should be covered.

But you might STILL feel less than productive…especially if you finish every week feeling behind, like you’re forgot to do specific important things in your business, and you’re not sure where you spent your time.

And while FEELING good is definitely important…

When you’re running a business, it’s important to build strong habits and practices that actually benefit the business, not make you just FEEL good.

That’s why today I’m going to share 5 easy to implement business practices that maximize your business productivity, boost your energy and whatever time you do have in your fluctuating (and filled) schedule!

If you’ve ever struggled with shiny object syndrome or proudly proclaim that you are a multi-tasker, this week’s episode is for you.

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[Now You Do It] My 5-Step List Building & Engagement Strategy You Should Do Before You Launch Your Next Course

list buildingIf you’re launching soon, tell me how important is list building to you right now?

If it isn’t on your priority list, it should be. But not bringing in only new people to your list…

Here is a simple 5 step promotion and strategy to start 6 weeks before you plan on open the doors to your online course or digital product.

The action plan I’m about to share is great if you know list building should be your priority and if you also know that your current list needs a little love too!

While this is mostly geared toward those of you planning to launch online courses, digital products or coaching services…

You can also apply this to physical product launches as well!

Let’s get to work!

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[Behind The Scenes] Should I Switch To ConvertKit + Teachable?

convertkitWe’re all guilty of it.

In the attempt to make our businesses run smoother, more efficiently, and help us get more done, we attempt to upgrade and uplevel anything we can get our hands on.

Combine that with the dreaded shiny object syndrome and you’ve got a serious recipe for procrastination, overwhelm, and that feeling that nothing will work until you figure out the “solution.”

This week, I’m deciding whether I should switch to Convert Kit & Teachable. Now, generally you’ll probably see a lot of people after they’ve made the switch, but you might want to feel what’s like going through the process of the switch.

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Why Website Shame Is No Longer A Good Excuse For Not Launching

website shameLevel with me…

Why haven’t you launched your new service, new product or service yet?

One of those big reasons why people say they are not ready to launch yet is because their website isn’t ready or they have website shame.

I’ve been there myself through many updates and changes of this website!

But I’m here to tell you as you probably already know this (but I feel like I’ve got to be the one to share it again) …you don’t need a perfect website, actually you don’t even need a website in order to launch something.

The Truth About Website Shame

Sure we want our sites to look beautiful and it does matter in the long term that you have a well organized site, that people can find what they need, that they can tell how to work with you, but the truth is this… you will never have a final draft website.

Your website will grow and evolve with you.

Let’s talk about how to launch without a website.

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