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Why Website Shame Is No Longer A Good Excuse For Not Launching

website shameLevel with me…

Why haven’t you launched your new service, new product or service yet?

One of those big reasons why people say they are not ready to launch yet is because their website isn’t ready or they have website shame.

I’ve been there myself through many updates and changes of this website!

But I’m here to tell you as you probably already know this (but I feel like I’ve got to be the one to share it again) …you don’t need a perfect website, actually you don’t even need a website in order to launch something.

The Truth About Website Shame

Sure we want our sites to look beautiful and it does matter in the long term that you have a well organized site, that people can find what they need, that they can tell how to work with you, but the truth is this… you will never have a final draft website.

Your website will grow and evolve with you.

Let’s talk about how to launch without a website.

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3 Project Management Tools You Can Use Without Hiring A Project Manager

project management toolsSo you’re ready…

You’re ready to finally do a little more planning in your business…not just goal setting, but full on planning.

You want to stay on track with projects that are important to you. You want to keep a normal editorial and blog publishing schedule. You’d like to feel just a tad more consistent in your business. And you want to plan out your first online product launch.

If you want to read more about creating a schedule (using pretty much any tool), make sure to read this recent post: The Beginner’s Guide To Creating A Non-Scary Launch Schedule.

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Follow The Breadcrumbs: How Clear Communication & Following Hunches Can Grow Your Business w/ Nikki Elledge Brown

communication tipsHave you ever written an email or sent some marketing communication that just felt or sounded wrong?

Like the minute you hit send, you get this gut feeling someone’s going to take it the wrong way?

And it doesn’t happen in your business, but to a friend, to your mom…

Out of the tons of messages and types of messages we send out daily in our lives, you might start wondering if people get you.

Maybe you even wonder if YOU get You….

If you’ve ever had someone tell you that you were inside their head when you wrote a blog post or on the completely other end of the spectrum that you sounded different…or not like yourself…

There’s a good chance you should be adjusting one of those approaches…(i.e. The one where you don’t sound like the real you.)

So I brought in an expert. A woman who’s given entrepreneurs and girlfriends and probably even family members honest feedback and communication tips to make sure they don’t experience one of those…”I wish I hadn’t sent that” moments.

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[Behind The Scenes] What Happens When You Decide To Change Systems In Your Business

behind the scenesWell, today’s episode I had no choice…

You ever experience something in your business or other part of your life and just know others would benefit from it?

I HAD to take you behind the scenes to share a little about what’s going on in Fearless Launching land.

I even bumped the regularly scheduled interview to give you a candid look at some big things changing in my business. (sorry Nikki, you’re up next week, my new friend!)


Because I know that when you’re making changes — tools, people, maybe even your business model, there’s so much you learn in the process…and I personally love watching this transformation.

I’m pretty sure this makes me a nerd…and if you kinda like watching how people shift, change, grow, then you might be too…nice to meet you (can we be besties??)…

If you’re like me and you like embracing the “mess” if you’re in it, a little bit before the after, but also want to see the “during” of switching email service providers (infusionsoft to convertkit and more), payment processors, and more…then let’s do this.

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[Download] How To Kickstart Your Launch Planning Process + 53 Tasks You Can Start Today

launch planning processI keep hearing the same things…

There’s so much on my launch to do list.

How will I actually get it all done? And what’s your launch planning process, Anne?

If you’re working on your first or next product launch, you know that the launch to do list seems to grow exponentially…and almost daily.

It’s hard when it’s  your own growing list, but it’s even tougher when it’s a client’s list…

Now I talk about planning and scheduling A LOT, but I know that sometimes we all need to hear things repeated to us and in different ways.

I know…because I’m no different…there are times when I get overwhelmed with everything I want to do in a launch.

So, today I’m sharing a new jumping off point with you to get you started “handling” all the potentially overwhelming pieces of a launch.

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How Sabbaticals Can Transform Your Life & Business

Taking SabbaticalsFeeling busy lately?

I don’t mean mildly busy…but like you’re in a cycle of ALWAYS being busy, distracted, and maybe a little burned out?

Have you ever considered taking regular sabbaticals?

Today’s episode just might give you a way to break the cycle and breathe some new energy into yourself.

Nope not planning. Not pushing. Not scheduling every last second.

Today, my guest is a bestselling author who just released his 3rd book (his first global release) is going to share a secret which many creatives listening might already know about this topic….

So, if you’re thinking about all the launches, the promotions you want to do in your business, but can’t seem to make any of them happen.

Listen to this story…

Karan Bajaj had never considered writing a book prior to taking a year long sabbatical, he’d never even considered writing really at all.

So how did a year long break from normal living then lead to writing 2 Best-selling novels, 2 feature-film options, and a Worldwide deal for a 3rd?

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