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How to Grow Your Business Using An Online Quiz

online quiz

Have you considered creating an online quiz to kick off your next launch?

Many members of Fearless Launching have been asking me to talk about them! So, today’s show is all about quizzes and how to use them, create them, and incorporate them into a launch.

I have recently seen online quizzes and assessments used as part of some amazing launches, so it was perfect timing when I connected with Josh Haynam co-founder of the the online quiz platform Interact.

I have been taking quizzes as long as I can remember, and they are something that everyone can and should incorporate into their business and their launch or the lead up to their launch.

Josh does not disappoint. He shares how to create your first quiz in less than hour – plus some unique uses of quizzes that go way beyond figuring out your personality type…

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6 Stories You Need To Share Before Anyone Buys From You

Struggling to reach the right eyes, right reaction, or right people?

Maybe you just want to make more sales.

There’s a little something so simple (but so powerful) you can do to improve not just your launches, but can also increase the impact of your various promotions, your blog, your videos and pretty much any content you spend hours creating!

You want to make it ALL better?

Tell people stories.

When you’re selling something…stories are even more important.

Before I started using essential oils, I read story after story of the ways in which they improve people’s health, lives, and well-being. Not just the company product profiles, but I researched actual – this is what happened to me – accounts of using the products.

And I bet if you think about it right now, you’ll remember looking for stories too!

It’s all about social proof…and stories are one way to give that proof in a way that’s not salesy and provides value even to the person who doesn’t decide to buy.

Let’s get right into it.

Here are 6 stories you need to tell your audience to help them make that all important buying decision.

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5 Tools to Help You Communicate More Consistently and With Zero Added Stress

If you’ve been around or read this post or this post, you know how I feel about tools.

Tools are never the fail-safe or the sole reason your business, a launch, your life is going to succeed.

Having a clear strategy behind the tool, why you’re using it and the way it integrates with your other tools … that’s what’s important.

But today – I decided to dive into some of the tools that I use to stay in touch with YOU more easily, with less stress. Some are new to my tech stack and some I’ve been using for awhile.

Warning: If you are currently launching or just about to launch, don’t start playing with this now. Wait until you’ve got enough space before or after your launch to “play” or get sidetracked by shiny objects.

If you’re ready, dive in now.

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How To Communicate More Effectively During Your Launch – Part 1

Ever wondered what to say (or not to say) during a launch?

You’re not alone.

That’s why I’m kicking off a series of episodes all about the topic…

Part one is all about the underrated communication triggers we MUST use every single time we share something new with the world. It’s easy to take these for granted, but I know from personal experience and the results of my clients that they are a must.

We all know how important communication is for our business and especially during our launches.

Learning how to communicate more effectively is an ongoing process. We’re always looking for ways to say things more clearly, to the right people and through the right mediums.

While there are always new tools, new strategies to try, new ways of getting our messages out to the world, what doesn’t change are the principles of communication.

If you need a refresher, keep reading.

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