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Why You Should Learn To Launch Before You Sell Anything

When you’re thinking about launching something–whether it’s a new blog or an old one that needs new life breathed into it, maybe it’s a new online course, or an event, or a physical product, you probably guess that one of my favorite ways to make that happen is related to planning… knowing what’s going to happen in advance.

But planning in advance, preparing for the launch is only one piece of the puzzle.

But more than that it’s about knowing – who’s already learning, interacting, and communicating with you and then also knowing when you’ve reached that sweet spot and people are ready to buy!

And if you’ve been hanging around with me, you know I’m a huge champion of stopping the default mode of most online entrepreneurs and getting off the computer–and talking to real people.

But this is only piece of the puzzle…and while this might seem obvious, a lot of people (I was there too…so guilty over here!) just don’t do it.

But you know I won’t let up. You know that one of my dreams for you is to make this part of the process–groans and all–something you look forward to, figure out how to make it EASY, and once you see the result of the easy to avoid work, you’ll knock yourself in the head for waiting so long to do it!

Now, over the past few weeks, and month if you’ve been with us for the January challenge, I’ve shared a lot of the actual strategies and tasks that need to be on your to do list to get ready for a successful launch.

And very soon, I’ll open enrollment to my signature, always evolving course & coaching program Fearless Launching which will you give my approach, strategy, and daily practices that have led some pretty amazing people to finally launch.

…and today I want to share a handful of case studies from real people who used Fearless Launching and the community and all that we do together in the program to launch.

Over the next week, I’ll even going back to get some of the old-school alum to share what they’re up to as well!

Why am I doing this other than yes, I love these people?

First thing, I want you to see launches from real people who were just starting out and that it was possible for them…and that it is possible for you too.

And second thing, their launches didn’t come without surprises, twists, turns and most importantly information that helped them launch again or launch something completely different.

Here are few recent grads of Fearless Launching:


Vanessa Chase
Vanessa Chase is a unique graduate from Fearless Launching…she joined the program as a scholarship winner in 2015… and her results almost convinced me people could go through the program alone. That’s why I started offering Fearless Launching Solo in 2015.  Read more here.


EmyleeWiliams-Headshot-1-e1453850540246Emylee Williams
Emylee graced her way into the program and like some other stand out students, you kinda just know when you see a good apple. Not only was I excited to help Emylee launch, I just wanted to know her and was ready to do anything I needed to help her! Now, almost a year later & she’s completely transformed her business. I don’t credit for that, I know that she’s using the tools mama Anne gave her to launch!   Read her story here.

Taylor Bradford
Taylor blazed into the Fearless Launching group in 2015 and from the start, I knew she was going to rock out her launch…even though at the time I knew very little about her. Speaker, creative entrepreneur, blogging and social media consultant & coach, editor/creator of the Texas Lifestyle Blog, Pink Heels Pink Truck and creator of the Boss Girl Creative Podcast.

Read more about Taylor here.

Get to know more people I’ve worked with in and outside of Fearless Launching:

Social Proof Means Don’t Listen To Me (3 case studies)
Hilary Rushford talks about running a multi-layered business
How Building Community Can Jumpstart Your Business with Racheal Cook from The Yogipreneur
Start your business. Shape your body and mind with Erin Stutland

Click here to read more stories Too!

If you resonated with these stories or already know you’re ready to commit to launching this year, you owe it to yourself to join the Fearless Launching program.

We’re going deeper and more personalized this year. So if you’re the person who knows they want/need and will benefit from a mastermind group led by someone who has a proven record of running big launches, Fearless Launching is perfect for you!

Fearless Launching

How To Brew Your Perfect Launch (a.k.a. And I Really Love Coffee)

Launching is like a good, REALLY GOOD cup of coffee.

Now, I might have spent too many hours in Starbucks listening to the sound of them churning out latte after latte, but hear me out on this one.

Brewing coffee is process that starts with the bean and the roast.

Launching is a process that starts with a person and your solution. Check out some of the recent posts, I’ve shared about this and the myths you might believe if you haven’t launched yet.

Now, last week I shared this for the very first time to people who attended one of my live webinars and the response was really not surprising…because everyone gets coffee.

I’m geeking out so much about this analogy and technique of figuring out where you are in the launch process and what to do at each phase…that I had to pull the clip and share it with you today.

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Fearless Launching Is Now Officially Open!

I am so excited to share with you the news that Fearless Launching has opened its doors for the first session of 2016!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.55.44 AMI launched this program for the very first time back in 2012 and I’m so honored that I get to keep doing this, teaching this, helping overwhelmed, stuck, and new business owners how to launch their thang online!

So, if you’ve ever felt like you have no idea where to start, what to do to launch your products and services, just want to make consistent income, understand that launches are something you need to get handled, have followed other done for you systems that didn’t work, and just want to feel like you’re making progress in your business…

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3 Easy To Believe Myths That Explain Why Launches Fail

launch mistakes

So, you’re getting ready to launch your first product … or maybe relaunch an existing one.

Regardless of what you’re planning to release to the world, you’re likely looking to achieve something we pretty much all want when we’re growing our business — income for our families, our lives, and to keep growing our business.

Many people I’ve helped launch usually talk about how they’d simply like to make consistent monthly income with their small business.

I know it sounds simple, but who else has ever said that they just want consistent, steady, ongoing income every single month?

We’ve already seen it’s a possibility. I’ve shared my own story of going from Day Job to Side Hustle to Full Time Biz. If you missed those posts – check them out over here and here.

It’s possible. I know that from my own experience, but I won’t lie. It’s not easy to get there. It doesn’t happen over night…and you can run into a lot of resistance along the way.

Maybe you’ve run into some of the same resistance.

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What You Should Know If You Want To Have An Amazing Launch This Year

Photo on 1-8-16 at 1.09 PMHangout online with other entrepreneurs and small business owners long enough and someone (maybe even you) will proclaim that they are launching.

(Incidentally, I am even launching – but no for real…Fearless Launching is open for it’s very first session of 2016.) 

So, now it’s your turn.

You’ve decided that you want to launch something you’ve been creating in your head or actually working on for months now.

An ebook. A group coaching program. A new blog. An online course. A webinar. A Blog series. A completely new business. A shop. A new product.

But when’s the right time to actually launch something? When are you, your business and your ideal customers ready for you to launch?

Some people believe you can launch to 0 people, while others declare you must build your list to 1,000.

And if that’s true that you need a certain number of people to launch, why do people with established lists sometimes NOT have a great launch, while new businesses seem to bust out of nowhere?

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What’s A CBB List And Why You Should Always Have One During A Launch

during a launchWhen you think of a launch or specifically what needs to get done DURING a launch, you probably think of a long list of tasks…and who’s going to have to do those…or perhaps how are YOU ever going to get through all of them.

Well, you’re right, there are a ton of little things that need to be decided, delegated and done in order to launch a product or service (especially online).

What’s even worse and compounds the issue is that as you’re creating all the pieces, pages, emails, and content for the launch…you’ll be thinking of new ways to keep improving and perfecting all these pieces.

You might think that’s a great thing…but when it comes to launching…I’ve seen it work the other way around.

And it’s not pretty.

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