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5 Ways To Update Your Online Course & Digital Products

update online courseIf you’ve ever created an online course or a digital product, you probably know in the back of your mind that you’ll have to update it some day.

Depending on what you teach or what your product is, you might need to update your product on a regular basis.

When I remember back to working with LKR Social Media, it was a huge challenge to keep the courses updated as social media changed sometimes week to week and even day to day!

But these aren’t the only reason to update a product.

Ready to update? Dive into today’s episode we’re going to discuss 7 different ways that you can make any old product new again.
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How To Leverage Competition Instead of Letting It Control Your Business

leverage competition


Have you ever compared yourself or your business to someone else? If you’re saying – no, I’m surprised to hear you’ve never even thought about your competition.

Comparing yourself to others is a pretty natural and it’s also completely normal thing.

So, when and why is it a good thing and how you can leverage competition in order to grow your business?

A lot of people let competition dictate what they dare to launch, create, and share with their audience.

If you’re ready to get out of the comparison trap, keep reading.
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How to Create Re-usable Customer Email Sequences For Your Next Product Launch

create launch assetsIf you’re looking for a great way to decrease your launch to do list…keep reading…

How much was on your plate this week?

It wouldn’t surprise me – if you’re running a business, planning a launch, seeing clients, probably a lot.

So what’s the one thing you can do to keep up?


Now reusing content in the simplest sense, means revising, republishing, or updating content that already exists. You can change the format of it – video or audio to text or vice versa!

But – imagine if you had a library of material to pull from – emails, graphics, blog content, videos, audios, or other training.

Well, there’s a good chance you’ve already got some of this going already.

But if you’re not sure…here’s a great way to start create a library – for your next launch.

I know – you’ve heard it over and over again, but do you really repurpose your content or find new ways to share the core concepts in your content?

This week’s schedule is all about creating assets that you can re-use over and over again and it comes from a question I received about writing customer emails.

I’m setting up my first product and know I should have a customer email sequence for people who buy, but I’m not sure which emails to send? Am I overthinking it?  

Short answer, yes, you might be overthinking it.  While yes it is important to communicate with someone that their purchase is complete, this can be accomplished in a few different ways.

Once you finish listening to this week’s episode, check out the example schedule I mention and sent out in my Sunday email…(if you missed the email or aren’t on my mailing list…it’s all right below).

Create your weekly schedule
Migrate any tasks/projects forward or get rid of them
Sync all notes
Review Editorial calendar
Choose 1 Project That Still Needs To Be Finished
Create a list of 5 deliverables you’ll complete for that project
Fill in the days with additional items you need to complete

Sample Project: Create Customer Email Sequence

The basic steps are:

  • Map out customer experience/steps from purchase through product delivery
  • Map out product delivery sequence (if it’s a course)
  • Create post delivery sequence that makes a new offer
  • Outline all pages required or included in the series of steps
  • Load everything up and schedule in your email marketing provider
  • Create template emails for any live elements or “news” type emails

A few notes to think about…once someone purchases, you can send someone to a thank you page with information about what they purchased and wait to send the welcome email until later. You might not be starting the program right away.

For Fearless Launching, I have a series of 3-4 emails that are delivered before the program starts, so that people really feel like they’re in the course even if the course hasn’t started you.

You can still schedule all of these “purchase emails” and know that some people simply won’t get them if they purchase one day before class starts, but it ensures people feel they are getting something right away.  You can also send them to pre-training to help them also make sure they know they actually bought something for real.

Here are some basic emails you may include:

  • Welcome

  • What To Expect In This Course

  • Link to the members area

  • Here’s your download

  • Thanks for purchasing

  • Your first module is live

  • How’s it going

  • So what did you think?

  • An offer for what’s next

Whatever you decide – come up with the list of emails you’d like to send and a rough time frame of when they should come out to your customers.

Write them out – keep them in a google doc and bam – you’ve got a series of customer registration emails that can be repurposed for all of your products and offerings!

The only trick to this is to think – what do your customers need to feel good about their purchase with you? How can you make sure they experience little to no confusion? If you keep your head on your customers and what they need –  you’re already ahead of many people who don’t do this!

If you’re not quite ready to welcome customers in because you’re still in launch mode or you need help with the step before the product delivery – go grab my launch emails mini-course right here!

*This week, it’s your turn to decide when you’re doing what…but I’d still love to see how you’ve laid out the week – so hit reply and send me a pic, or a list…tell me what you’re tackling and when!

Additional Resources

1) Free Launch Planner: Grab this completely free launch planning workbook. Download, print, and start planning your launch today — don’t forget to add in the test and secure your website tasks!

2) Free Systems Cheatsheet: A Free Checklist & Cheatsheet to make sure your systems are in order before you launch — plus the one I mentioned on the podcast today!

3) Want to work with me one on one? If you’re a business owner who knows that you need a coach, someone to work through your launch strategy, figure out your launch plan, get spot advice as it comes up…then we could be a perfect match!

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My Top Lessons Learned Producing 100 Podcast Episodes

lessons-learned-podcastWow – that just happened.

I just finished recording and uploading the 100th episode of my podcast…and I’m pretty sure I said this out loud:

Happy 100 Episodes Batman!

Today, I decided to shift into a reflective mood where I look back at the top episodes, how my workflow has changed, and how I stay inspired to share new shows with you week after week.

Here’s what we’re covering in a nutshell today:

  • A quick recap of the top 5 episodes
  • my super simple podcast workflow
  • how I stay inspired – even if I’m not “feeling it”
  • the two key ways my podcast has impacted my business
  • How things will change & stay the same moving forward

Plus, I’ve got a special thank you at the end you won’t want to miss!

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