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How to start planning your next launch (all-new free workbook)

If you’ve ever sat down to start planning your next launch, you’ve likely felt the overwhelm monster tip-toeing up behind you.

We’ve all been there in those first moments when we’re really just in the brainstorm phase and we realize, oh no…this is going to take a lot of work.

How am I supposed to get all this done?

I’ve got kids, a family, maybe a job, loads of life responsibilities…I don’t even know what to do first.

I’ve sure been there myself.  I lived and worked full time while building my business on the side–for years. Struggling to figure out the process, get clear on my vision and then have the nerve to actually hit publish. During that time, my health declined, my family was not happy with me, and honestly–I often wondered why I was even going down this road.

Even after several really obvious wake up calls, I still tried to just keep on keeping on. I did that until I realized I was fighting the wrong fight and began to turn things around.

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What You’re Already Doing If You’re REALLY Ready To Launch

get ready to launchWelcome to part 2 of my 8 part blog series to help you get ready to launch your next product, service or business. If you missed out on the first post, check it out here – where I talk about the importance of vision and why without a vision, your business won’t even get off the ground!

So – say you’ve got your vision in mind – or it’s at least forming and on its way to being totally declared.

You might be excited to get the ball rolling and immediately start scheduling out all the pieces of your launch…so you start making schedules, create a product you’ve been dreaming about…

Before you spend time, money, and energy putting those ideas out into the world, there’s a few steps you should consider taking BEFORE you launch.

Want to know what those steps are?

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The 1 Reason It Took Me So Long To REALLY Start My Business

Today starts a monthly blog series where I get into some of the most important things you should do before you decide to launch.

And I think it’s important to start by sharing with you part of my story that I haven’t really shared…Because I think if you’re trying to figure out what your business does, what you want to launch, or even just what to do first, it’ll help you to see that there was really only 1 missing piece that kept me off track for years.

Sometimes I kick myself for not starting my business sooner. Like much earlier in my story.

In fact, I look at some of the entrepreneurs I see today and think – dang, I missed the boat when I was 27 to start a business, didn’t?

But then I remember the truth of what really happened…

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Can You Create A Promotion Plan For Your New Product or Launch Using “Old” Content?

Create a pr planCreating a promotion plan for your next launch is important.

You probably know that.

I mean – a launch in itself is a ginormous promotion in itself.

One of the most important pieces of preparing for a launch is identifying the strongest channels where new eyes will come from… that’s why you have people hustling to get podcast interviews, write as many guest posts as they can — it’s all in the hopes of reaching more people who will love you, what you’re offering, and click buy.

But how stressful is it to complete the task of writing 5-10 new guest posts and then hustle (and hope) to have them go live in a frenzied burst the week your launch opens?

Is this really a good idea to leave this big PR push in the hands of someone else? 

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Sales Strategies I love and hate (and the sometimes silly truth why)

Sales StrategiesIf you’ve been building a business online, you’ve likely watched plenty of people and businesses launch.

Things like…video series, blog series, Instagram challenges, Upsells, Downsells, birthday sales, tax sales, back to school sales, early bird and VIP launches….

Now you don’t need to do all or even any of these strategies in order to have a successful business.

But what if it COULD be the thing that pushes your business needle? Something that adds to your bottom line?

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Launch Without Sending An Email…Is It Possible?

Launching Without An Email ListRaise your hand if you wish your email list was bigger?

I’m fairly certain almost everyone feels this way at pretty common intervals in their business. Logic tells us that a bigger list is in our favor to generate more sales, more clients, more people – more money.

And to some extent this is true. One way to increase revenue is to serve more people.

But is email the only way to reach more people? And is it possible to launch without email?

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