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4 Practice Launches You Can Do When You’re Not Ready To Launch

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking or saying, I am not ready to launch yetI just don’t know enough.” This episode is for you.

One of the very first things I discover when working with many business owners (whether they are just getting started or are currently in business) is that many feel like they are really NOT ready to launch.

Does this sound like you?

If so, maybe you just need a few practice launches before you do a “real” one.

There is a spoiler alert here though… in the process of doing a practice, you’ll get over the hump of going the process, build confidence and experience a launch from start to finish.

Your practice launch is a test like all the other tests you’re doing in your business.

Calling it a test may take the pressure off until you realize something …

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Behind The Scenes: All The Things You Need To Keep Doing Even After Your Business Succeeds

things you need to do even when your business is a success

If you’re ready to start or build your business this year, listen up.

Look around at the things you’re doing now to set up business, to keep it running day after day, week after week.

Your newsletter, your podcast, your blog post, your daily Instagram Story, the meeting with your accountant…tracking the growth of your list, scheduling projects, working with other people, setting up landing pages, figuring out who your audience is…

Out of all of these – what are the key things you’ll keep doing for the life of your business — even after you’re a success?

Success isn’t one and done, so listen up and enjoy…

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What Can You Learn Watching Other People’s Launches?

What can you learn watching other people’s launches blog

Have you ever found yourself watching other people’s launches and wondered, how can I do THAT?

Well, today’s episode is for you.

A lot of people come to me with an idea of how they want to launch.

It’s usually because they’ve seen someone else do “something” – a type of launch or a type of event in their launch…and they want to use the same strategy.

Kinda feels like a hairstylist.

You know – people bringing me pictures of the cut or style they want, but not really knowing what it takes to maintain the style, do it themselves, how often it gets trimmed, and do I even need to mention that their hair texture might not be the same??

I digress.

This never surprises me because – if you’re running an online business of any kind, you have the opportunity to see tons of different businesses and how they promote, market and launch their products & services. You might buy products, you might just watch…

We are always watching.

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How To Believe In Yourself and Your Ideas

believe in yourself

Let me ask you a question… and be honest with yourself…

Do you truly believe in yourself? Do you believe you have value to share? Do you believe you can figure out how to use all the online tools to deliver something to people you’ll call customers?

Do you think your ideas are worthy? Do you think you are good enough?

Do you think that you are experienced enough/pretty enough/the right age/etc. to impact people?

Do you think you can stick to a schedule or a plan? Are you confident you can deliver this week’s newsletter?

How do you react or respond when your “plan” goes off the rails? When you can’t do something on your own?

If you want to know why asking these questions is important to your next launch, listen today.

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