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3 Business Lessons I Picked Up From Starbucks Along With My Tall Americano

starbucks business lessonsWho has taught you the most about running a successful business? Do you have a business mentor?

Some of my best business lessons come from companies, mentors, and organizations that have nothing to do with this online world.

While sure – I can name names of people who’ve influenced my decisions, supported me along the way–my most game-changing lessons have been learned watching some of my favorite companies grow.

They are simply doing things that I love as a consumer and want to give that same feeling so that my own clients and customers like working with me!

Today, I want to talk about one company and three things I’m applying in my own business…

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Is There A Secret To Creating Six Figure Courses?

Creating Six Figure CoursesIf you’ve wondered what it’s going to take turn your work into six figure courses (or more), you hit this page on the right day.

Today’s guest is pretty much my sister from another mother (and father)…

She is all about helping people find and embrace their expertise…and figure out how to turn that into a profitable course. But more than that, my guest Jeanine Blackwell seems to be this amazing combination of support, strategy, and tactical execution.

See – literally, I keep saying, wait that’s me too!

Jeanine’s in the middle of a launch right now and she sat down to talk about figuring out what you should offer whether it’s your first, second, or third time out of the gate.

She asks the tough questions that you probably haven’t thought of or taken a step back to think about.

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Not Just For Passwords Anymore: Why I Set Up A Business Hub & Wiki

filofax business hub

How much information passes through your fingertips in a typical day running your business?

My guess is a lot. Probably more than you expected when you first started your blog or opened the doors of your online shop.

Information comes in so many forms — the content, the products, the outlines, the project plans, the tasks lists, your social media messages, your social media profiles, all the dang passwords you need to access all of your online homes.

Now some of this information doesn’t need to be accessed more than a few times. 

But others – well, you might need it over and over again.

And regardless of how often you access that recurring information, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s easy to find, use, and that you’ve got it in multiple places.

But – I don’t just mean a page to record all my passwords.

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How Often Should I Launch?

Look around at businesses online and offline – and it feels like some brands and companies are launching all the time.

But while you might see Starbucks, LuckyBrand Jeans and Kate Spade sending multiple “sales” emails every week… how much is too much when it comes to launching?

Should you launch all the time? Only every 6 months? Perhaps once a quarter?

And what exactly can you launch each time?

Today’s episode is a totally new style and feature this podcast recorded in my kitchen while I paced back and forth speaking into my iPhone.

I’ll be honest, there was another show in this slot today but I just had to get this question answered because it seems like I’ve been hearing people struggle to understand or figure out how to pace their launches.

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How To Make It Simple, Easy, and Fun For Affiliates To Promote Your Launch

Launch Affiliates
Have you had a launch that didn’t do as well as you’d expected?

Or honestly, maybe it just bombed.

Hundreds, if not thousands of business owners just like you face disappointment when launches don’t go as well as they’d expected.

They spend sleepless nights getting all the moving parts and pieces in the right place. They worry about the packaging and positioning of their offer, the webinars and videos and preview call, the advertising and PR to promote their offerings.

And they sometimes miss out an important piece of the launch puzzle.

What if I told you that there’s a simpler, much easier and WAY more effective approach to really get the word out about your amazing eCourse, workshop or program?

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How To Stop Wasting Your Time Creating New Content


Got an online business that requires you to blog weekly or bi-weekly or more often? Maybe you have a podcast you publish several times a month.

You might be wondering how you can keep creating all this content and not literally go insane…but also miss out on actually promoting your business.

Before we dig into today’s episode, let me remind you that most likely your business is not to create content. If you’ve got a coaching practice, create info products, maybe you’re a speaker…then your main and primary job is to market those services to your ideal audience.

Spending all your time creating new blog posts, podcasts, and videos will only get your so far…yes, up the value scale for sure…but no, not converting people into actual customers.

So – today, I want to share the tools I’m using to make sure content creation is fast, effective, easy to do and get done…so I can get back to the real work of marketing and promotion.

Are you ready to stop wasting time too?

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