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How important is it to set a close date on your launch? (plus some new insights)


I recently closed my launch of Fearless Launching…and during the last few days I considered an alternate to having the set cart close date.

While I did stick to my plan, closed the cart, and reminded people that it was closing…the thought reminded me I’d actually written about the topic on the blog…but it had BEEN AWHILE.

So, today’s episode, I’m sharing my updated insights on whether you should close or stay open…and how to decide which is right for your business or product.

The answer might surprise you.

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The Questions You Should Ask Yourself During A Post Launch Review

Have you recently closed a launch? Or perhaps run a promotion that finished?

How’d that go?

If you are closing up shop on any big project you’ve worked on in your business, I’d like to invite you to come along with me as I wrap up my own!

One of the most important parts of shutting down a launch is reviewing what happened…and answering the question, “Did things go as planned? And if not, what actually happened?”

It seems obvious, but so many people miss this potentially eye-opening opportunity.

You get to really dig into all the pieces of your launch–the ones that kept you up at night for several nights or months.

Here’s the truth – I’m not that good at gathering stats.

Of course, it’s still important and here’s what I do…

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9 Ways Your Launches Will Change As You Grow & Why This Is A Good Thing

Case-Studies-PodcastWe’ve all heard that you should launch fast and fail – or if you haven’t, now you have!

What that generally means is to put together the best version of your minimum viable product–something that represents what you want to eventually create but in it’s most simple form. I highly recommend checking out The Lean Startup by Eric Ries for more on the concept of the MVP.

That’s all great – but it’s hard to see how that’s possible when you’ve got grand ideas about making a splash in your marketplace – and you see the fully tricked out version of a product or service.

How do you pull back and launch a smaller, but equally valuable product?

First – think about this quote pulled from a recent Venture Beat article, “People no longer expect perfection on the first go-round. We’ve become comfortable with beta cycles, with versioning, and we expect constant evolution.”

The launch never really ends?

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Webinar: How To Start Conversations That Actually Lead To Sales

So, I sent this to out as an email earlier today and I kept thinking that you needed to read it too.

It’s about all the stuff you’re doing to connect with your ideal peeps, discover your customer avatar and figure out what you should launch.

So, we’re told to talk to people.

But I don’t know about you. I’m starting to feel like all I ever do is talk to people? Like all day long. In every medium possible. Skype, Voxer, blog comments, Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, texts.

And again, I don’t know if you’re feeling it, but if you’re like me, then you’re tired because even though you’ve been told to have conversations with people, engage and become part of a community in order to figure out what people are struggling with…you’re pretty sure that the conversations are leading nowhere. Definitely not to better sales of your signature product or service.

So you’ve been trying a lot of stuff and not seeing results.

You might be wondering…is this EVER going to work?

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Why Learning To Launch Your Products & Services Is Not A One-Time Deal (and one awesome resource)

Ever feel like all you do is spend your time learning what you SHOULD be doing to make your business better?

When it comes to learning how to build a successful business, we’re all concerned with how to improve or gain traction or start gaining traction. So, learning becomes a huge part of our everyday.

We take courses, read books, get involved in masterminds. All with the hope of learning the skills we need to take with us back to our business, apply it and hopefully grow in some way.

We want to learn:

  • how to do Facebook Ads
  • how to grow our list
  • how to get more traffic
  • how to have more profitable launches
  • how to do everything better in our business

We want the answer now. But it feels like a moving target!

It’s easy to forget that learning and improvement are constant states for us entrepreneurs. So, as much as we’re buying the books, going to the workshops…there’s a reason why it feels never…ending.

It has to be.

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How To Protect Yourself From Launch Exhaustion {Flashback & Updates}

I originally published a version of this post back in November 2012, but I was struck by how much of it holds true even now for me as I move into my 4th year offering Fearless Launching. Have I followed my own advice? Am I less stressed? Less exhausted? And I challenge you to ask yourself the same.

You’ve got this launching thing down.

You did your first product launch – not a lot of sales, but your list grew, you’re getting rave reviews about your program. You done good.

You are excited – a little pumped – and extremely proud of yourself. You feel like finallyyyy “you get it”.

But you’re feeling something else too.


You keep thinking, “I’m supposed to do this again?”

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