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3 Ways You’re Killing Your Launches Before They Start

3 Ways You're Killing Your Launches Before They Start
Today’s topic is all about the unintential things we’re doing regularly to sidetrack our success.

Whether it’s launching or not, you do not want to mess with these success killers!

Would you believe there are tiny things we’re doing, not doing, saying and not saying that impedes our progress?

Eroding our ability to succeed from the inside out.

We are going to talk about three ways we are killing our launch progress before it even starts and a few key shifts that could change everything.

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Behind The Scenes: 10 First Steps To Plan A Rock Solid & Successful Launch

10 First Steps To Plan A Rock Solid & Successful Launch
Are you ready to have a successful launch?

No matter what your idea of success is?

This week, I’m going to take you behind the scenes a bit. You see, I’m recording a special walkthrough of my Launch Workbook and Planner.

The workbook has been around for awhile. I update it every year and is the main way I like to serve people whether they work with me or not.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with it because – PDFs and downloads and cheatsheets are so easy to find, but NOT SO EASY TO COMPLETE.

But this week, I wanted to create something to make sure you didn’t forget about another download…so I did TWO THINGS.

One – create a video walking through the workbook, to give an extra nudge to anyone who’s already trying to fill out the pdf.

Two – publish the weekly podcast and provide the same walkthrough right here for you!

Two Birds One Stone.

Download your Launch Workbook/Planner right here:, print it out and work through it right along with me.

Okay, are you ready?

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Why Experience Matters Just As Much As The Outcomes You Promise Customers

Why Experience Matters Just As Much As The Outcomes You Promise Customers

Do you think that experience matters more or less than the other outcomes you’re promising people if they choose to do business with you?

Today’s episode dives into this as we ask the question – how can our business provide an experience AND a great outcome.

If you haven’t thought about this – think about it now.

What do you want people to feel, experience, or gain just from being in your world?

Before you protest and call this not-important or not-what-you-need…

We all want that secret to getting more followers… to getting more sales, growing our communities.

I am too!

But today – I encourage you to shift focus to the people who are reading your emails, your blog posts, watching your videos, liking your Instagram images, signing up for an email.

What can you do, say or give them today so they walk away from that interaction truly changed?

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5 Secrets You Need To Know Before You Decide To Launch Alone

launch alone

When you first start your business, you’re doing everything alone, so it goes without saying that you have to learn how to launch alone at the very early stages.

But is that really such a bad thing?

You get to learn what to do, how the process works, the tools, and gain a really great understanding of what it takes to launch.

This can be fun for a period of time when you’re getting your feet wet, figuring out what your business is, who you serve, and what ideas get brought to those people. It can be kind of fun even.

You may even find yourself daydreaming and wondering when you’ll get to the point when you can finally get help.
But sometimes this alone phase can last awhile.

So – do you wait until you can hire to launch something?

It’s kind of feels like the chicken or the egg… do you need to hire a team in order to launch? But wait – don’t you need to launch in order to hire?
And it doesn’t help knowing everyone’s always talking about the benefit of outsourcing, building a good team and nurturing them as you grow your company (me included by the way).
But how do you navigate that period of time BEFORE you are ready, prepared and have the resources to hire? 

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