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Launching Without Email: Proof That Your List Is Bigger Than Your Think

launch without emailAhh list building, list building, list building.

If you’ve got an online business or even just an aspect of your business that exists online, you are likely spending time trying to build up your mailing list.

If you’re struggling to build your email list, this episode is for you.

I also covered the topic in a recent webinar called “Listbuilding For  Your Launch”. You can sign up to watch the workshop replay right here.

But today – we’re going to go in deeper on your perception of how big your list really is and how you can help it grow simply by changing how you view “your list”.

Your list is actually bigger than you think.

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3 Questions To Ask Your Business Every Week

questions It’s that time of year.

We’re looking for inspiration – like last week. We’re reflecting on the year.

But what if it’s NOT that time of year.

What can you do on a regular basis to take the temperature of your business, your productivity, and your achievements.

Every single week, I’m part of a mastermind group. We’ve done a check most every week since June – with very little structure. We do a round robin and then wish each other a great week.

But this month I decided to switch things up by asking a few questions that I generally just ask myself every week.

Today I’m sharing the questions and why you should ask them.
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Why You Should Create A Business Inspiration List STAT

115It happens to all of us.

We crave inspiration–whether we’re stuck writing a blog post or need a push to spark us into action on a launch.

One of my favorite ways to nurture ideas and get re-excited to complete or kick off a project is to acknowledge the things in my world that are inspiring me–unexpected inspiration, the stuff that hits you out of the blue is the best in this category.

I think it’s definitely that time of the year when we’re reflecting, when we’re planning, when we’re thinking about our vision for the next year.

So what do you do? Where do you turn?

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How To Choose Your Best Business Planner

business planner

Today’s podcast is a long time in the making…

If I told you how many people email me about choosing the right business planner, I think you’d be surprised.

Or maybe not.

So today, I’m sharing which physical planners I’ve checked out, tried or will be trying in the new year.

This episode is perfect for you if if you’ve got an online business, love the look of paper planners, but wonder how practical they are for your business.

It’s a good question and the answer is not as cut & dry as you might think.

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