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How Sabbaticals Can Transform Your Life & Business

Taking SabbaticalsFeeling busy lately?

I don’t mean mildly busy…but like you’re in a cycle of ALWAYS being busy, distracted, and maybe a little burned out?

Have you ever considered taking regular sabbaticals?

Today’s episode just might give you a way to break the cycle and breathe some new energy into yourself.

Nope not planning. Not pushing. Not scheduling every last second.

Today, my guest is a bestselling author who just released his 3rd book (his first global release) is going to share a secret which many creatives listening might already know about this topic….

So, if you’re thinking about all the launches, the promotions you want to do in your business, but can’t seem to make any of them happen.

Listen to this story…

Karan Bajaj had never considered writing a book prior to taking a year long sabbatical, he’d never even considered writing really at all.

So how did a year long break from normal living then lead to writing 2 Best-selling novels, 2 feature-film options, and a Worldwide deal for a 3rd?

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[Back To Basics] 6 Steps To Launching A Successful Online Program

launching online programIf you’re able to turn an idea into something that gives tangible results to others, then you know you need to launch it.

Whether it’s some process you’ve used with one on one clients or something you’ve learned and used yourself for years (and were successful with it), creating a digital course or online program is a great way to package up what you know.

And if you’re just getting started, you might be wondering when you’ll be ready enough to launch.

First the good news is — the steps to getting your work out to the world and the right people is completely within your control and customizable for your business.

You don’t have to wait until you get 1,000 or 2,000 or more subscribers to prove you’ve made it or to be allowed to launch something.

You get to do it now.

There’s a process you can follow to launch your products, services, or new blog right now…even if you’re just starting, even if you don’t feel ready, and even if you’re not quite sure what your first steps are.

I’ve used this foundational process time and again with clients and students.

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Why Launches Aren’t Working Anymore

launchesIt’s kind of scary…

We’ve all seen launches that work and launches that don’t work.

The pie in the sky dream launch stories followed by complete dead in the water disasters.

And both make you want to run for the hills and never utter the word launch–much less actually try to launch something of your own.

But if you haven’t launched yet – you should know something. Launches often don’t work.

But why??

If you are just starting your business, trying to gather the courage to launch your first product or service, you might be wondering why launches seem to work for only part of the time…or maybe they just work for a small majority of people.

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Wish You Had a Business Partner? Ask These Questions FIRST.

business partner questions

A few weeks ago – I got the dish on how the business partners who run Think Creative Collective found each other and formed their company.

If you didn’t listen to that, well, jump over there AFTER today’s…because today, I’m sharing some of the key questions  you should be asking before you sign on the dotted line and join forces with a business partner.

After the rush of ideas and excitement of working with someone to grow a business together subsides a little bit, you’ll be in the trenches getting the work done.

How you start this venture together is important to the success and future of the business AND your relationship with the person.

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13 Email Marketing Fails No Business Owner Needs To Be Making (we can do better than this)

email marketing

Open up your email inbox right now and scan through what you see–how many are clearly pieces of email marketing from people you opted in to receive?

Now, point out at least 5 things that you’d really like to NEVER see sent to you again. I’m sure you’d be able to find a few–likely more than a few.

If your inbox is anything like mine, it might even be stuffed to the brim with marketing emails, launch emails, weekly newsletters….

And while there’s an element to learning and seeing what other people are doing…I’m thinking it’s time to stop swiping and start saying no to some email marketing behavior that just plain sucks.

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Apply This Launch Plan To Your Next Big Business Milestone

launch planSo I was listening to a great episode from the Perpetual Traffic podcast and it was all about the 4 part launch plan for a podcast.

Clearly, if you use the words launch and plan in a title, I’ma find you and I’m a nerd for that kind of content…so…

But since I’ve already got a podcast…I thought, can this be applied to other types of launches?

Can I do re-launch or bring launch-like energy to my existing podcast?

How do I take this and apply it in another way to my own business?

Here’s the great news.

Doesn’t matter what type of launch or what strategy someone shares for a launch, you can absolutely apply it to any other type of launch or promotion you want to plan for your business.

Not just with this strategy but any other you might want to do.

So, in this case they talked about their own podcast launch.

Just 4 simple steps made up the launch plan.

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