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Do Your Customers Want Self-Paced Products or Live Programs? (The answer might surprise you!)

get resultsRaise your hand if you like to work solo.

Whether it’s working out, taking classes, writing, running your business, everyone’s got a slightly different style of working and learning.

I know that for the most part I love to work in solitude and then peek my head out when I’m done to get the next step. Some of the best online learning experiences were ones where I had to show up every single day, though…

I’m curious now about your audience. How do they like to consume your content? Where do they consume it? Do they want to do it at their own pace, in the dead of night, on the beach?

Or do they want the camaraderie of the group, the class, the mastermind?

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5 Reasons You Should Start Using Periscope Now & What To Do Once You’ve Got People Watching

PeriscopeSomething happened on the internet a few weeks ago and you may have seen it.

Periscope opened up a rabbit hole and all of us entrepreneurs fell into it!

Now, I know that technically Periscope has been around for a few months now, but things reached a fever pitch this week (maybe it was just for me)–watching Pat Flynn, Chalene Johnson, Chris Ducker, and some of my business buddies Alexis Giostra and Hillary Rubin…and many many others!

If your answer is anything but – I’m obsessed and have been on #scopes all week… then I’ll wait while you download the app onto your phone and set it up.

Now, normally I’m wary of new burst on the scenes apps and tools. I take my time diving in.

But not this time.

Why Periscope Is So Exciting

Think of periscope as an insta-webinar, an insta-google hangout, but you don’t need to put up a landing page. You don’t need to send several emails to your list. You just start broadcasting…and you’re on…in front of your audience…now yes, they might not all show up right away…but show up consistently, give valuable content, tell people when you’re going to be there…and you will be on your way to building a community of raving fans…

What – wait … all those years, blog posting every week, sending out my weekly communication, tweeting and Facebooking…and now this?

Here’s what to know and what to do…

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8 Questions To Ask Before You Make Your Online Products Evergreen

Case-Studies-Podcast (2)If you’re building an online business, creating online courses and other digital products, you’ve likely heard the term Evergreen.

Going evergreen can mean a few different things–it’s either a process you use to promote a product or it could be the product/content itself…

  • making something available all the time
  • creating a launch sequence that runs on its own and then “sells” a specific product
  • doesn’t require you to get things ready or ramp up to the launch
  • all the launch pieces are set up to deliver on their own
  • it can be automated or activated easily.

Today – we’re going to talk about something I feel like I’m seeing more and more from clients, friends, and fellow entrepreneurs…and that is simply the rush to go evergreen.

Is there a best time to turn products evergreen? Should do it from the start? How do you know if a previously “live” program or product can be made evergreen?

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Behind The Scenes: How To Set Up Your Online Shop

online shopHow often do you break from the norm and try new things in your business?

I’ll admit that I do a lot of thinking about trying new things…and only actually execute on a small number of those crazy ideas…

Whether it’s how often I’m supposed to post on Instagram, my blog, or Facebook…or how to format my sales page, and where I should put social proof on my website…I like to ask the question–what if there’s a different way?

My latest question was – what if there’s a different way to “sell”…instead of the work with me page that leads to all your offerings.

Why can’t I have a pretty little shop, where people add things to cart, get free things, get discounts….where I can have sales easily…where I can add new products and resources easily?

So – let me take you behind the scenes…

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4 Tips To Make Your Launch Safer For You And Your Customers

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.33.04 PM

How secure is your website?

When people make a purchase is their information protected and completely secure? What would you do if your funds were locked by your payment processor? How would you handle a technical breakdown of your site?

If you’ve ever launched, you know that the technical piece of the whole marketing event is often what brings a launch (and possibly you) to it’s knees.

If you’re launching now or launching soon, watch this video to learn 4 easy tasks you can handle today you keep your site, your business, and your customers safe and secure.

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What To Do When Your Site Security Is Compromised (true story)

wordpress site securityIs your site secure?

I thought mine was.

That’s the question I should have been asking myself long before this week.

All the signs were there – even emails directly from Google about it.

But I just didn’t pay attention.

So Sunday night, I get a message from my good friend Claire Pelletreau alerting me to something weird on my site…

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