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My #1 Secret To More Effective Planning


If you’ve ever heard, schedule it or it won’t happen (and laughed) – this is for you.

I know many people (including myself) who have put things on the calendar, launches, new product ideas, upcoming promotions, webinars…and then they still didn’t happen.

If you find yourself making big launch plans and not following through, then you might start feeling like planning is pointless.

So you stop doing it.

You decide to do things “organically” and by the seat of your pants.

You’ll find out fast that this is also not the way to go.

So how do we become better planners?

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How To Create Your Own Online 30 Day Challenge & My #30DayBizCamp Photo Challenge

Instagram Photo Challenge

You know me – I love pulling back the curtain, not just after a project or launch is finished, but literally as I’m doing something, testing something. Breaking down the how-to do it is what I do best.

So, today, I’m taking you behind the scenes of my own Instagram challenge, but decided I’d also help you create your plan for doing your own challenge.

I’ve talked about delivering pre-launch content in a different way before. But today, we’re focusing in on the 30 Day Challenge.
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Why Instagram Is So Important To Me & Reaching 1000 Followers

grow your instagram following

If you’re thinking about building your business or launching a new product, one of the first things you need to do is start connecting with your ideal customers to figure out what they need, want, and how you can help them with one or both of those types of challenges.

Often that means building a community somewhere on social media, growing your email list, starting a blog…maybe creating a youtube channel.

You are looking for the right channel to build your brand, allow people to get to know you…and the “best place” to do that isn’t the same for everyone.

And when I discovered Instagram, I didn’t see it as the one for me…not at first, anyways.

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5 Strategies to GTD and Keep Your Business Thriving This Summer

summer strategies for entrepreneursSummer is here. Are you prepared for the natural slowdown, distractions, and less time to actually do work?

Worried that keep your business thriving will be an unsurmountable challenge?

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the exact strategies I’ve used and will use again to make sure my business survives the summer.

If you’re a mom, a dad, someone who just loves summer and finds it hard to work this time of year, you’ll love this episode.

But even if you don’t have kids, I know you’ll find this episode helpful, because we talk about something that everyone always tells you about summer…

Business is slow during the summer…

So, if you want to know my take on this topic of summer slowdown or the summer slide…

You want to listen this week…

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How To Tell The Difference Between Good And Bad Feedback


How do you handle feedback?

You know, all the stuff you get from your peers, your business coach, your customers…how do you process it all?

And how do you decide what to implement and then what to discard or shelve it for now?

We’re all looking for feedback on so many things in our lives — from our hair, our new glasses and especially on our businesses.

Do you like my new logo? How does this email sound to you? Does this sales tagline make sense? Should I create this product? Should I price the product x dollars?

We’re constantly asking for feedback from various people in our worlds. All the way from the people who we’re serving to the people who work with us on our teams.

My question to you today comes because I’ve been asking myself the same thing.

When is feedback too much? When and where do you really need it as your grow your business?

Let’s look at the different channels you’ll receive feedback and start dissecting how to use it.

Are you ready?

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Leadership skills you need to run a successful business

leadership skills for entrepreneursYou own a business.

Maybe you have a team. Maybe you don’t.

If you’re making money from your business, you’ve got customers.

With all the challenges of running an online business the biggest one I can think of where people get in trouble and the reason why your business goes downhill are those related to your leadership skills.

So, if you have a business, plan to make money, want to build a community, and perhaps eventually have a team to help you run everything, then you are on the path to becoming a leader.

…Whether you like it or not.

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