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The Truth About Creating Systems In Your Business

creating systems in your business

Lately, I’ve been hearing from my friends who’ve had businesses for several years that they are focusing the next quarter on simplifying, revising and refreshing their systems.

But do you need to start creating systems before your business is making money?

Thinking back, I know that the very first year of business back when I worked with Laura Roeder, we set up very simple systems to handle our weekly publishing schedule as well as how we launched products.

So, really, systems are everywhere.

And they’re nothing more than the “way” (a documented way really) that you do things.

So, all you have to do to get something out of today’s episode is this…commit to documenting how you do certain key things in your business.

When you do – you’ll discover what’s working, what’s not, and be able to make better decisions…

So, let’s do this, shall we?

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How To Work Harder Without Actually Working Harder To Grow Your Business

working harder

We all want to get more done, so that we can grow our businesses, launch our products and services, and have a happier life, but we don’t actually want to work harder.

We’re told – work smarter, not harder.

Less hustle, more heart.

But is there a way to work harder and with heart – so you can have a life??

If this is how you feel about building your business, you are going to love my chat with Business Coach and Consultant Jenny Shih.

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The Secret To Building Your Business Using Love Over Metrics

love over metrics

There are a lot of ways to know if your business is growing.

We’ve got metrics to tell us more people follow us.

Data to say we have more people visiting our sites.

And there’s even data to tell us when people open, click through, and buy from our emails.

But do these numbers tell us the whole story?

Just like the numbers tell a story about our business, the people we serve, the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, so does something else…something much deeper.

Let’s ask an expert.

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How To Keep Your Audience Engaged Even When You’re Not Launching

audience engaged

Attention spans seem to be one of those decreasing things in LIFE…so of course keeping your audience engaged, paying attention, and interacting with you – is extremely important.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult if you use some common sense and use the same rules you might be using to stay in touch your friends & family.

I know you want to reach new people…and you should always be widening your reach, building your list…especially because more of the right people on your list will hopefully bring you more of the right people buying your products and services.

But what about keeping your current customers and audience engaged?

What can you say to your audience even when you’re not launching and on a regular basis that helps them stick with you – no matter what.

If you want ride or day fans, friends, customers, long term relationships, you’ve got to connect with them even when the doors to your flagship program aren’t open….even when you think you’ve got nothing to “share” with them.

So, let me tell you a story…

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