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Three Ways To Figure Out What Your Audience Wants (and if you should launch it)

customer researchHow do you figure out what people want to buy from you? And how to do you figure out specifically what your audience wants from you? How do you know what to launch? How do you discover the audience that needs what you want to launch?

These are questions we all face at various points in our business – before we start, as we grow, and even once we’ve reached some level of success.

We’re always in search of the problems our audience needs to solve…and it’s hard work!

Wanted a few different ways to figure out what people want?

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How To Find Your Unique Launch Personality: 7 Models To Mix & Match

Insights-PodcastWe all have the same number of hours in the day.

You know this. I know this.

But why then does it feel like some people are blessed with superhuman abilities to generate crazy income and have launches that look inspired well-oiled machines?

No one starts with a big list, but somehow watching someone who’s got over 100k subscribers makes things worse.

You start focusing on the wrong things—like what you see instead of asking how the “big” launches are executed.

It ain’t all roses people.

Once you realize that, commit to staying in your own lane, with your eyes on your own paper, you’ll start to see where you do things the right way for you…and where you could be doing them better.

That’s what I’m talking about in today’s podcast, plus how to find, mold, and embrace your own launch personality!

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Does Your Launch Need To Be So Stressful?

launch stressDoes the thought of a launch make you a little anxious? Stressed out?

Well, there’s a legit reason for it…but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve been through many different types of launches. Ones with big teams and little teams and multiple teams…online, offline, across time zones, cultures.

Ones where everything goes wrong and others where zero errors and stress occurred.

You name it – I’ve seen it.

If there’s one thing that happens during this do-or-die period of delivery, shipping and launching…it’s people getting stressed.

As you probably know … or suspect, there are a lot of tasks, moving parts, pieces, and things that have to happen to deliver an organized launch.

People get fired up – kind of flip out – and often lose it because the pressure is just insane when money is on the line.  And launching means lots of things on the line — money, reputation, showing people you’re legit, whatever…but here’s one thing it isn’t….

It’s not the end of the world.
It won’t mean your business will make it.
It doesn’t mean you’re better or smarter than anyone.

If you’ve struggled with the stress of the launch, keep reading, plus download the handy take-with-you cheatsheet I’ve created.

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The How, Why and What You Should Be Doing To Create Recurring Revenue with Dean Patino

How many of you live launch to launch? ‎E

You launch – make some cash for your business…then go silent for a month or longer…then rinse, repeat and either relaunch or launch something new.

This constant up down up down can be really disconcerting if you’re a business owner.

It’s stressful…and it means that each launch dictates the survival or failure of your business.

What if you could create an ongoing incoming stream of income (or more than one) for your business? Imagine the load off your shoulders if you knew you were likely to have x dollars coming in each and every month?

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Starting Today: Practice These Productivity Methods For A More Successful Launch

productivity methodsYou woke up this morning with a ton of things on your mind to get done today. Better get a jump on that, you think, so you open your laptop, start the coffee…just as your little one trudges out of her bedroom.

As you made breakfast for your daughter, you were going back and forth between the kitchen and your inbox.

She wants milk, but you didn’t hear her.

Whining starts… and you finally bring her the fork and drink she asked you to bring her…but you snap…and that starts a whole morning of back and forth you are pretty much to blame.

By the time you get out the door for school and back home again, you’re completely sapped for the entire day.

Even if you’re not a parent (maybe one of fur babies), you’ve likely been guilty of working/focusing on too many things at once. Namely something IRL (in real life) and something in your business.

We just want to get ahead of the curve. To be more productive. So instead of stopping, thinking about when, where and how we’re doing our week…we push into the little spaces that exist in our day…

Usually these spaces are the worst times to work.

That’s why I’ve been thinking a lot about productivity and launching…how your ability to do the right things at the right time lead to the best launches.

And, maybe you’re like me and realize that just getting a lot done doesn’t mean or even feel like you’ve been productive.

If there’s a skill and a practice you should become an expert in outside your main business focus, it’s how to be effective and productive (and usually these lines are blurred because I believe they are very connected!).

Keep reading and I’ll share some simple practices based on 2 well known productivity methods to get you working better and so much smarter then you have been.

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Communication, Collaboration and the Importance of Investing In Your Virtual Team ‎Over the last few weeks, I’ve been talking a LOT about teams…working with teams, team culture as a way to grow your business, why you shouldn’t do it all alone. If you’ve missed any of these articles or Periscopes, you’ll find links to everything just a little further down the page…

Today, we’re continuing this conversation about working with people and why I believe if you have a clear way to communicate, collaborate, and invest in these people determines

And man, it takes forever to find those people, sometimes longer than we expect, right? So, let’s keep people once we find them!

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