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How To Get Complete Clarity Before You Launch Anything

launch-conversationImagine going into your launch with complete clarity…

How great would that feel to make decisions and prepare for your upcoming launch more quickly.

Believe it or not – there’s actually 1 step in the product launch process that most all successful online business owners absolutely never skip (no matter what their system is)…

And the side effect is – you guessed it – clarity.

Every launch should begin with a conversation.

It may be with a coach. It might be inside your journal. Maybe a friend.

But you need to have this conversation.

It’s the step most systems, calls, programs, courses don’t really talk about.

But – if done with the right person – can give you complete clarity before you start working with a team or spending money.

Instead of waffling over decisions about affiliates, webinars, and hiring a VA, you’ll have a map that gives you all you need to move forward quickly.

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Why You Should Create a Customer Curriculum (Even if you don’t have a product yet)

customer curriculumWant to improve the earning power of your products, courses and services?

Create them as if they are part of a curriculum instead of just stand alone somewhat related products.

Why is this important?

You provide a clear path and roadmap to follow, which helps strengthen and grow your community.

You allow yourself time to choose what products you create and which products you’ll promote. Thus giving you more time and freedom to focus your creative efforts on what lights you up and making your work the best it can be.

Today’s episode will help you kind of do both and give you a strategy for improving revenue without slaving over a new or even an updated product.

I’ll be referencing a past article I wrote for the site Think Traffic – way back in 2012 and I’ll link it below…so listen and then head over to that post!

It’s funny how you can pull wisdom from your own archives…and it was especially relevant as I started to lay out the future for Fearless Launching — not just as a stand alone course, but as a curriculum — one that starts outside my doors!

So let’s dive in.

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8 Secrets To Preparing Your Team For A Product Launch

preparing-your-launch-teamYou’re preparing for a launch…

If you plan on hiring a team or already have one…here’s my question to you today (and I’ve asked this before…) are they as ready as you are to make it happen?

If you can’t say yes or you simply ASSUME they are…it’s your responsibility to train them, to get them ready.

So, if you have a team, a VA, a project manager, maybe even just someone answering emails, then this episode will help you ensure your team has your back during your next launch.

Let’s dive in by first playing detective and asking some questions…

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Steal My #1 Self-Care Tool Before You Launch

Planning As Self CareYou shouldn’t be surprised when you read this, but…my top self-care tool prepping for a launch is my planner.

Yup – like I said, no shocker.

I look at the process of planning kind of like it’s writing in a journal. In fact, for me, planning is one of my deepest actions of self-care.

Over this past year, I’ve realized how “planning” even by writing what happened or what you want to happen and how you want to feel as you’re doing those things you’re planning…they matter.

I don’t usually come across quite as woo-woo as I might be today. But I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot recently.

It’s also the reason I want to share my #1 self-care tool which launched recently.

But whether you’re launching or just working on your daily business tasks, you need this.

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