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What if I told you launching could bring dramatic change to your business, bottom line and life…but without a trace of “drama” or “hassle”?

Hi, I’m Anne Samoilov, and I’m in the business of getting you to launch — your ideas, your next project, your next business, a blog, an event, perhaps even a physical product.

I’ve spent the last decade+ helping entrepreneurs, digital artists, authors, video game developers and healers launch their big ideas.

Sometime around 2009 – I dove in head first to learn everything I could about applying all my offline business experience to the online world.

The very first launch I managed? Marie Forleo’s B-School.

And guess what I discovered?  

There may be some frameworks or blueprints, but there is no blueprint for what happens after you take something from an idea all the way to launch. There’s no telling what amazing business discoveries you will make.

And don’t get me started on that – you WILL discover something about your business.

Ok fine – get me started… you just might find:

  • A new way to make money in your business
  • A product that isn’t quite right for your customers
  • A service you no longer want to offer
  • A service or product YOU DO want to offer
  • A new system that would make running your business much easier
  • A new team member that would allow you to create a new revenue stream
  • A new audience that you’d never considered selling your services to

When you take an idea and launch it, then you not only gain confidence from the experience, but you gather invaluable intel you need to uncover the business you were meant to build and grow.

And that’s what I’m here to help you do…let’s get you launching, so you can start building the right business for you.

Here are some of the projects that taught me what it takes to launch:

Here are just a few – and I’m warning you – I’ll be taking you from childhood on this one!

➽ Putting together shows and events for my parents – usually hiring my sisters to act out and dance my elaborate creations.

➽ Created African dance and exercise workshops in high school for the entire student body as well as the faculty and staff – a definite “first” for the school. (and I’ve got video to prove it)

➽ Produced + Performed talent shows and other performance events that would not only allow people to get on stage, but me too!

➽ Wrote, directed, edited and produced short films in college.

It seems I was always pulling people together to create something bigger.

After graduating I kept the theme alive by getting jobs in small companies that were either just starting to grow or just starting, period.

➽ Hired rockstar teams of digital artists and animators.

➽ Wrangled international clients and well-known Hollywood directors to deliver projects to meet theatre release dates.


➽ Managed a skeleton team to bring giant squids and dinosaurs to life at an experimental animation / production studio in Canada.

➽ Lead a team of graphic artists and film / TV digital creators as part of a new division of a large and successful video game studio.

➽ Helped online entrepreneurs with skeleton teams crew up and go pro. I’ve advised, managed, and been in the trenches as part of a successful online team that brings social media marketing training to small business owners.


➽ Helmed the launches of several 6 and 7 figure launches including Marie Forleo’s B-SchoolLaura Roeder’s Creating Fameand recent Jonathan Field’s Revolution U.

➽ Continue to work with entrepreneurs looking to expand, grow or evolve their business in some new way.

Hardwired to help you launch

I’ve been working on start-up teams for as long as I can remember.  From new departments, to new companies, to new growth phases just getting a foothold – I’ve had the opportunity to take projects of all sorts through that crucial start-up process.

In the past 4 years – I’ve been focused on the online arena for growing business, launching products, and growing your business reach, but I spent the decade prior to that offline – producing animation in film, television, and video games.

It seems I was always pulling people together to create something bigger.

When people find something that they want to launch, I’m there ready to help them, break it down, give them the steps, teach them how to see what they need to do – to

Don’t be shy.

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