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The Art of Discovering What You SHOULD be Launching

Hillary RubinWhat would you do…

…if you put your all into a launch and it didn’t work out like you expect?

Say you spent a ton of money — on team, resources, tools, a video crew, editing and more … But then your results didn’t match up to your effort?

Would you give up?

Would you decide that the whole business and launching thing wasn’t for you?

Or would you take the “not working out” as an opportunity to figure another way to make your business work?

What if that meant doing something you hadn’t really envisioned? Something you never put on your goal list or vision board… What then? Hillary Rubin chose to stay open – be curious – and play detective when she realized a group of people struggling to become coaches could use her help.

I’ve known Hillary Rubin for a few years now and I’ve watched her evolution into coaching, her burning desire to create change in people’s lives… and I’ve watched her challenges and successes…

This past year I was able to work closely with her and watch as she put together a new program which was based solely on something she’d done for herself… become a successful coach… By following a very simple step by step system – Hillary was able to rise beyond past launch challenges and experience some pretty cool launch success.

There’s a ton of take away from what Hillary did – and in pure Fearless Launching form – once she simplified her own process, found a need in a specific market that she could fill, tested that need, she was ready to jump and she has taken flight.

What was Hillary’s biggest struggle before diving into Fearless Launching?

Oh, my being so obsessive to get it all right. The CBB’s (could be better list) saved the day. Instead of getting caught in a creative stuper, AKA be in a perfectionist paralyzed state, I was able to move forward and know…”next time I can always make it better”. It worked and is now a code for my team. They all have their list going and makes the end of a program smoothe + the project feel supported as well.

But really – what were the hard numbers? How did these numbers change from her first launch before enrolling in Fearless Launching and after?

I did a beta course of my program at the end of 2012 and it had 12 women in it. This last round in the summer of 2013 I had over 60. It was the biggest launch I ever did.

Here’s the highlight reel from an in depth interview where Hillary shared the details of her program – The Art of Becoming A Coach.

You can find out more about Hillary and her program The Art of Becoming A Coach below:

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