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How To Grow Your Business When You Work For Someone Else grow-your-business-work-for-someone-else

If you have ever hired a virtual assistant or maybe are one yourself, you’ll love today’s episode. We talk to a VA and business owner who’s been able to have the best of both worlds…

And answers the question…how do you grow your business while your work for someone else.

She’s in the trenches on a successful business with Amy Porterfield much like I talked about in this past episode about working with LKR Social Media. And then at the same time, she’s able to switch gears and work on her own business.

How does someone grow an insanely successful business while supporting another biz way more than part time?

Well, it’s a very unique position to be in for sure and Trivinia handles it with such grace!

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Can You Create A Promotion Plan For Your New Product or Launch Using “Old” Content?

Create a pr planCreating a promotion plan for your next launch is important.

You probably know that.

I mean – a launch in itself is a ginormous promotion in itself.

One of the most important pieces of preparing for a launch is identifying the strongest channels where new eyes will come from… that’s why you have people hustling to get podcast interviews, write as many guest posts as they can — it’s all in the hopes of reaching more people who will love you, what you’re offering, and click buy.

But how stressful is it to complete the task of writing 5-10 new guest posts and then hustle (and hope) to have them go live in a frenzied burst the week your launch opens?

Is this really a good idea to leave this big PR push in the hands of someone else? 

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How Carrie Green Turned A Side Project Into A Community of Like Minded Female Entrepreneurs


This week, we’re taking a closer look at how The Female Entrepreneur Association founded by Carrie Green. I’ve been really excited to give you more “how they did it” case studies and this one just hits the mark on so many levels.

(If you want more of these and you have requests for business and/or product launches you’d like to see featured on the show, let me know in the comments below.)

In today’s episode we literally start at the beginning and go through a series of years to where the Carrie and the Female Entrepreneur Association is today.

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Get To Know Laura Roeder’s Social Media Scheduling + Automation Secret Weapon (FLS 016)

DashOptin_LauraToday’s episode is interview LKR Social Media founder and CEO Laura Roeder.

Laura and I have been friends for several years — we worked side by side for 3 years when I was Project Manager and Director of Operations for her company before jumping into a 100% focus on my own business.

I sat down with Laura to chat with her about a brand new product she’s created called Edgar. If you haven’t met Edgar yet, you’ll want to listen up.

Little did I know it, but I’m breaking the story before anyone else! Laura gave me the exclusive first interview where she talks in depth about Edgar. I felt like Lois Lane breaking the story of Superman…yes Edgar is that good – nerdy and business changing.


 Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:edgarapp

  • What or Who is Edgar?
  • How is Edgar different from other similar software like him?
  • The first thing Laura did once you decided she decided to create it
  • How did Laura come up with the idea?
  • What Laura learned about the process of developing software and how it differs from creating online programs?

Plus we talk about what seems to be the growing trend of online entrepreneurs who are developing software, apps, and other non info-product-y products.

If you’re around on Thursday, July 17th – join Laura and the LKR team for Edgar’s launch party. RSVP right here:

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