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The Secret To Building Your Business Using Love Over Metrics

love over metrics

There are a lot of ways to know if your business is growing.

We’ve got metrics to tell us more people follow us.

Data to say we have more people visiting our sites.

And there’s even data to tell us when people open, click through, and buy from our emails.

But do these numbers tell us the whole story?

Just like the numbers tell a story about our business, the people we serve, the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, so does something else…something much deeper.

Let’s ask an expert.

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Tips On Starting Your Etsy Shop And How To Grow Quickly Without A Lot Of Effort

Use Etsy For Your Product Based Business

Amanda Bruner is the co-owner of the Leather Quill Shoppe and only shop which specializes in leather handmade traveller’s notebooks named LeatherQuills ….

Amanda is an expert on all things starting an online store and I invited her to share the good, bad, the ugly and all the tricks she’s got up her sleeve.

If you’ve got digital or physical products and have been thinking of starting your own online storefront or e-commerce site, today’s episode is for you.

Launching does NOT look the same as it does for us info-product marketers…but there are some principles that stand true for both.

She takes us from how she started her first Etsy store to opening her own self-hosted online shop…

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How To Find Your Purpose with Hillary Rubin

Hillary shares her step by step process for really digging into what you do, what you know and who you are so you can find your purpose as a coach.

Coaches and consultants listen up…

Do you have a clearly defined purpose and person you serve?

Whether you’re first starting your coaching business, trying to figure out what your business will be and what to do with that information – today’s episode is for you.

My guest and creator of respected coach training program, The Art of Becoming A Coach, Hillary Rubin has made it her mission to help coaches do the digging and help you find out what you were meant to do, using your unique gifts.

Could you use some help figuring out how to put your gifts into practical action and start helping people?

Then – let’s get to it.

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How To Grow Your Business When You Work For Someone Else grow-your-business-work-for-someone-else

If you have ever hired a virtual assistant or maybe are one yourself, you’ll love today’s episode. We talk to a VA and business owner who’s been able to have the best of both worlds…

And answers the question…how do you grow your business while your work for someone else.

She’s in the trenches on a successful business with Amy Porterfield much like I talked about in this past episode about working with LKR Social Media. And then at the same time, she’s able to switch gears and work on her own business.

How does someone grow an insanely successful business while supporting another biz way more than part time?

Well, it’s a very unique position to be in for sure and Trivinia handles it with such grace!

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