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Tips On Starting Your Etsy Shop And How To Grow Quickly Without A Lot Of Effort

Use Etsy For Your Product Based Business

Amanda Bruner is the co-owner of the Leather Quill Shoppe and only shop which specializes in leather handmade traveller’s notebooks named LeatherQuills ….

Amanda is an expert on all things starting an online store and I invited her to share the good, bad, the ugly and all the tricks she’s got up her sleeve.

If you’ve got digital or physical products and have been thinking of starting your own online storefront or e-commerce site, today’s episode is for you.

Launching does NOT look the same as it does for us info-product marketers…but there are some principles that stand true for both.

She takes us from how she started her first Etsy store to opening her own self-hosted online shop…

So if you’re thinking of selling your own hand made items or have an e-commerce business of any kind, today’s episode is for you!

Mandy first started her online shop experience on Etsy. It was easy to set up, she was able to sell digital planning templates right away…and she did a lot of experimenting when she got started…but you’ll hear all about that in our conversation…so click here to listen now.

If you’re thinking of selling your own hand made items or have an e-commerce business of any kind, this episode is for you!

Here’s what we discuss in today’s episode:

  • Mandy’s beginnings and her tips for getting started on Etsy and why she still has a mini shop on the platform.
  • Mandy’s simple and no-nonsense communication and promotion style.
  • What she’s learned having her own shop – everything from customer service
  • challenges to pricing to producing enough stock
  • Her favorite way to promote her products.
  • What it’s like to work with her husband – who hand makes many of the products along side her, including the fountain pens he makes by hand!

Connect with Mandy & The Leather Quill Shoppe

Check out the Leather Quill Shoppe store today and you’ll get 20% off just by putting in the code ‘flsfriend’ – then you can send me the receipt for something extra to use inside your new journal!

The Leather Quill Shoppe

Her DIY Bathroom project that went Viral

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