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How To Work Harder Without Actually Working Harder To Grow Your Business

working harder

We all want to get more done, so that we can grow our businesses, launch our products and services, and have a happier life, but we don’t actually want to work harder.

We’re told – work smarter, not harder.

Less hustle, more heart.

But is there a way to work harder and with heart – so you can have a life??

If this is how you feel about building your business, you are going to love my chat with Business Coach and Consultant Jenny Shih.

What I love about the way Jenny works is that whatever she puts out into the world, she does it with high integrity, massive respect, and in a super solid way.

People say they like having transparency in their businesses, but Jenny conducts her business in a respectful modest style that really stands out. She does things on her own terms with what is right for her life.

Connect With Jenny:

Jenny Shih Website

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Jenny Shih on LinkedIn

Jenny Shih on Twitter @jennyshih

Make It Work Online

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Highlights From Today’s Episode:

[04:03] Jenny’s focus is on people who provide services and want to market to a worldwide audience.

[04:33] Working smarter not harder and doing it on her own terms.

[04:49] Making It Work Online is the current program she is working on and she plans to systemize her business.

[06:46] Jenny refined her process working one-on-one, then she created her Make It Work Online group program.

[08:23] People learn how to create packages and what to charge and how to find clients.

[10:47] Jenny’s launch process and how she strives for continual improvement.

[12:09] She launched her virtual group with a webinar and a 3 part video series.

[12:47] Each launch she tries something new and steps up the process for each launch.

[17:19] Using the principles and art of marketing in the 3 part video series to make it effective.

[19:18] How competitive the online world is and how much effort is required for a solid launch.

[20:12] Constantly raising the bar of marketing to stay relevant.

[25:31] Work is required to be successful, but be practical and smart about how you are going to work.

[26:15]Being smart and wise about delegation and what we work on and what we say no to.
[26:52] Have clear limits about how you are willing to work.

[28:28] Having the most lucrative use of your time.

[29:08] Understanding the big picture of your business and make the smart decisions. There is no one size fits all answer.

[33:35] Asking what is your ultimate goal?

[34:15] Asking what is the most urgent and then question that.

[35:53] Systematizing anything that can be systematized once you know it is worth having a system in place.

[41:08] How avoidance can make our work more difficult.

[44:48] Working smarter is about getting curious and asking the right questions.

[45:31] Asking what is important and why.

[48:31] Making conscious deliberate choices.

Links and Resources:

Jenny Shih Website
Jenny Shih on Facebook
Jenny Shih on LinkedIn
Jenny Shih on Twitter @jennyshih
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