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The Launch Essentials Toolkit

The Launch Essentials Toolkit

This launch toolkit is an evolving vault of free resources that will help you plan and pull off your first online launch.

And it’s not just for beginners only.  This set of resources will give you a solid foundation to start all of your launches – for all of your offerings whether they are paid programs or your free offers!

Plus – here’s another secret – it’s the unofficial mini-starter course to my more in depth online course Fearless Launching. In fact, many of the resources I share here are taken directly from inside the program!

Here are a few things you’ll find in the Launch Essentials Toolkit:

  • The First 10 Steps To Plan Your Launch

This guide-slash-workbook will take you through the crucial first steps to planning your launch. You’ll get to read, reflect, fill in the blanks and by the end you’ll start to see an actual launch plan emerge! Get to work!

  • Project Breakdown Template

This insanely easy template will help you plot out each and every task that has to happen during your launch.  When you see it, you may even say DUH!  You can use this in excel, import to google docs, or print out!

  • How To Build Your Launch Team

This video presentation is taken directly from my Fearless Launching program.  It teaches you a few different types of teams you may need to hire and gives you a few options for getting those key people on your team asap!

  • How To Use Swipe Files The Right Way

This video teaches you my take on using swipe files the right way.  When you’re in the middle of a launch, it might be tempting to follow or copy how someone who’s successful is “doing it”, but beware! You’ll learn how to use swipe files and why you shouldn’t EVER copy. (video + pdf slides included)

  • 20 Simple Actions To Organize Your Business

This downloadable pdf-checklist will have you setting up the right systems for your launch, but also help you organize your business. There’s nothing worse than going into a launch with a messy, hard to navigate operation — set these systems up and your launch will run smoothly without weighing you or your ideas down.

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