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I thought it would be helpful to you to create an evolving page of resources to help you with all of your launch needs. Plus, this evolving list of tools and services I use to run my business + have used to help clients run their businesses.

Important: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please know that they are all tools that I use or have used and whole heartedly recommend to you because of their quality or who created them. I don’t think you necessarily need any of these or all of them — so only invest in them if you truly think they will benefit your business or next launch. More tools does not equal a better business or launch.

My Top Recommended Products

Recommended Training

Webinars That Convert with Amy Porterfield
90 Day Year with Todd Herman

Fearless Launching

Train Your Launch Team

Plan With Me: Create Your Next Launch Map

Product Creation

Software that captures and records your screen on the mac. You can record your face through the webcam or choose to show just the powerpoint or keynote slides with your voice over.

Same as above but it’s screen capture on windows or pc.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Silver
Microphone I use for everything from podcasting to webinars to recording course content.

Keynote (on mac)
Microsoft Powerpoint (on pc)

Apple I-movie (mac)
Windows Movie Maker (pc)

Membership Site Plugins & Course Platforms:

Access Ally: This is what my new library and courses will live in instead of using wishlist member.

Teachable: I’ve done a little testing with this course platform and do love it. I may use it for off topic courses and workshops I want to offer this year.

Thinkific: Another platform I’ve tried and love, but still not sure I want to have my courses delivered on someone else’s site. Loved the ease of this, so check it out!

Recording/Editing audio
Garageband (mac)

convert any video/audio type to another type
highly useful during product creation

Normalize/Process Audio for Podcasting

Misc. online services

Google Apps
Interact (Quiz Maker)

E-Commerce + Email Marketing

Convert Kit

SamCart (new for me!)

Domains, Hosting


Social Media

Buffer App

Planoly (new one!)

Easy To Use Website Themes + Landing Page Creators

Elegant Themes (Divi is my favorite!)
Optimize Press
Woothemes (this site uses Canvas!)


Screw Business As Usual – Richard Branson
Cash Copy – Jeffrey Lant
Fire Starter Sessions – Danielle LaPorte

Hiring Team Members:

General help:
$$ – everything from general admin to website coding, design…whatever you need.
$$$ – stateside help from moms! Support moms working at home – we rock!

Charlie Pabst –
Lisa Valuyskaya

Website Development
Meredith Underell
Tiny Blue Orange

Copywriting + content creation/repackaging
Lauren Forest
Hillary Weiss
Nikki Groom –

Social media + Implementation + Strategy
Prerna Malik

Launch Planning + Business Strategy
Anne Samoilov

Project Managers+Marketing Implementation:
Karen Sergeant:

Got a suggestion for me to try out and perhaps include on this page? Send me a note!

-Anne 🙂