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Do You Need a Pick Me Up?

As many of you know, every week I send my email newsletter The Quick Byte to my clients, friends and readers.  Even when people aren’t coming to classes regularly or seeing me for private sessions, I want to help everyone that crosses my path be a little more mindful of their health.  I’m not perfect by any means — and I do have my down moments, but by encouraging others, I’m able to get back on track quickly.

So, each issue I send out aims to provide a clear push to anyone just getting started with a fitness program or staying consistent with one!

Recent issues have included the following articles you might have missed:

>Turning New Year’s Resolutions into Intentions
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Don’t miss another issue packed with specific tips and strategies to start living healthier now.

This week’s issue is going to focus on setting up a small home workout space…no don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you go out and buy a treadmill or pull up bar…Everyone should and can have a relaxing space to stretch, workout and maybe do a little pilates. Let me show you what you need – without turning your house into a Gold’s Gym.

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I Get By (With a Little Help From My Friends)

RANT ALERT… (a bit of a rant really)

I always like to stay on the positive side of things…especially when I’m so passionate about motivating & supporting the people around me or pointing someone in the right direction to something that can improve their lives dramatically.

Also, I acknowledge one simple strategy for a my own health & fitness success…ever single day.  My support system is a vital part of the process.  The people I surround myself with are keys to my success.  So, I pick and choose these people carefully.

The Red Carpet Ready girls have been there for me any time I need a little boost. And just like everyone, even though I spend a lot of time motivating and pushing other people, sometimes I run out of steam and need that little kick in the pants. {Special thanks to you ladies who helped put me back on track just this week!}

That said, I wanted to spend this post talking about bit of downer in my world…maybe something like this has happened to you.  Maybe someone in your life routinely “behaves” in a similar way.  Maybe you are one of these people.

Along your health & fitness journey, you might run across a few Debbie Downers.  People naturally have their ups and downs. I accept that.  But the worst is when people look like supporters and motivators but really aren’t.

Recently, I read a few comments on social media sites where people I know (I’m being vague obviously) make comments that seemed … well, negative toward people who like working out and getting in shape and eating right.  These folks made comments that seemed to be a bit passive aggressive. It’s possible I took their comments the wrong way, but my first reaction was that they had some issue with people who are motivated and outspoken about staying in shape or even just living a healthy life.  The comments I read were laced with a disdain that made me so sad!  (In reality…I do hope I’m wrong about 1 person in particular!)

If you are one of these people who makes the general assumption that health & fitness enthusiasts are all gym heads (muscle heads, no necks, whatever your smarty-pants term is), then think again.

I have met people from a full range of personality types and definitely know that I’m not a gym head.  As I’ve improved my healthy habits, variety of workouts, and general well-being, I find that I am happier and more open to the possibilities that each person brings to my life.  Wow, that’s a mouthful, right?

But seriously, these few comments really made me think about how I support people and liked to be supported.

This weekend, 2 different women in my group reformer classes came in and had clearly made some major changes in their bodies.  Both had been taking pilates for about 6 months.  They consistently showed up to at least 2 classes per week.  They changed their eating. They did the work.

Not only did their bodies change, but both told me about other changes that happened in their lives as a result of weight loss, their increased strength, and consistent attendance to several classes per week.

So you know what I did? I pointed it out to them and everyone in class. I wanted to let them know how much they had both achieved and didn’t hesitate. It was an automatic response for me to share their victory with everyone…even them!

They loved it! And we all rallied around them to show our support.

The next time you make a comment about being all fluffy, full from your food and happy to have that jelly belly–ask yourself: Am I really? And if you are, great, enjoy holidays, enjoy food, but show your enjoyment without lacing your comments with an underlying dislike for those of us who work out, talk about it.

And while you do enjoy the fullness of holiday meals and those yummy snacks on a cold day, you can still do so but from a slightly different angle…and while pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  Celebrating all achievements and sharing them with people is the way to grow on deeper levels.  Don’t undervalue the positive changes that can happen internally and externally for you.

Even though I know you might prefer a brisk walk in the snow to sweating it out in the gym…we’re all in this together.

Do what works for you and support others for doing what works for them!

When Your Workout Hurts…

“Owwww…I can’t wallllk!” or “Oooo it hurts when I laugh!”

Have you ever said that when you woke up the day after a particularly tough trip to the gym?

Everyone wants to feel like they put in a good workout.  They want to feel the burn or have that heart pumping energy and some sense that they’ve completed a challenge — worked through their weaknesses.  But what if you push yourself a bit too hard and feel it…in a not so good way.

First, there are many obvious signs that you’ve taken it a bit too far.  For a general overview of some of these mental/physical signs, check out my article “Are You Pushing Yourself Too Hard?

Second, analyze what’s going on in your body and determine if you need to stop exercising completely or merely modify your current workout.

A good rule of thumb is that exercise should mostly leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the world.  If it doesn’t, there could be other issues at play. Beyond problems with dehydration or an oncoming sickness, here are some aches and pains you should.

Is it Muscle Pain?

Muscle Pain and soreness is often associated with a change or beginning of a fitness routine.  It’s new! The body’s reaction to new “stress” is going to be a little soreness.  It normally occurs anywhere from 24-48 hours after the workout.

What to do?  Modify your workout slightly and increase your warm up/stretching time.
I tend to do a combination of dynamic stretching and static stretching before I workout. Then, I do another round of stretching or foam rolling on muscles that are sore at the end of the workout.

Other things you can do – drink more water!  Make sure to hydrate yourself in the days after a tough workout. This really stands no matter what.  When you are dehydrated you won’t feel energetic after your workout. So be on the signs for a headachy or dizzy feeling.  It happened to me once in hot yoga.  It can happen to anyone!

Ok…the last three are all on the “go see a doctor” list… I know who it is…you get hurt, feel a twinge and instead of calling a doctor or even someone you know…you get online and search for what it could be and how to fix it.  This ain’t that article. Go to a doctor if any of the following sound like you.

Or Something More Serious?

Here are some other types of situations that can be cause for concern.

Joint Pain and discomfort around major joints can be very serious.  I’m talking wrist, knee, hip, shoulder, ankles.  Don’t modify your exercise or think wrapping it in an ace bandage is going to help.  Joint pain can be caused by many different things, so just go get it checked out before you continue any exercise.

Persistent, Nagging Pain. Do I need to tell you to go to the doctor for this?  Some say to go to a doctor if the pain is longer than 2 weeks, but I say if a pain isn’t going in a few days…just go.  You can certainly try to use OTC pain relievers and ice to alleviate the pain, but if it doesn’t work…you know what to do.

Swelling anywhere – is usually a sign of injury.  Go see a doctor…

Once You Get a Diagnosis

After you know what you are dealing with, getting back on track with your workouts can be as simple as avoiding the area in question until it has FULLY recovered.

Some treatments might include medication and/or one of the following:

  1. Stop Doing Your Normal Workout (maybe just avoid area with injury)
  2. Do Physical Therapy
  3. Change your fitness routine completely
  4. Change Your Diet
  5. Taking Pilates!

Oh wait…that doesn’t sound so bad! In fact, all of these things might be good for you on from time to time.  what’s wrong with those things?  Nothing. Take care of yourself and if you overdo it, take the appropriate steps to recover.  Your body will love the change and may respond by functioning better as a result of your attention.

Too Busy to Workout?

The #1 Excuse I hear for Not Exercising is… “But Anne, I’m so busy! I have no time to workout!”

Finding extra time in your day for working out might be one of those challenges that you have given up on.  I mean, how can you eliminate or decrease the demands of your job, your children, your spouse…and your life in general?  Sure you can adjust your life here and there for a few extra minutes of breathing room.

…But what can you do to free up a significant chunk of time?
…And are you ready to use that time for a workout?

Since I have also been looking to eliminate tasks that were chewing up my own precious time, I decided to do a little self-analysis to show you how it’s done…and also reveal the outcome from all my changes.  (Plus, I’ll admit, I wanted to play with my Keynote presentation software to do that!)

Check out this video and find out how I identified my top time wasting tasks and automated or streamlined each one of them…and ended up with chunks of time that I could use doing the things that I’m really passionate about–or play around with new software!

Too Busy To Workout? from Anne Samoilov on Vimeo.

So, now you’ve seen what I did to increase the “free” time in my day…

Now, it’s your turn to create time for your workout.

Here are some likely offenders that are filling up your time but you could be doing differently….(notice how I didn’t say STOP DOING THIS!)

  1. Checking Email & Responding All The Time
  2. Checking/Updating Facebook, Twitter, MySpace All The Time
  3. Going to the Grocery store every single day for 1 or 2 items
  4. Paying bills piecemeal over the month instead of in chunks or online.
  5. Watching too much tv…anyone thought of working out in front of the tv?

If you decrease each of these items by even 5 or 10 minutes, (in no time) you’ll have 30 minutes to use for working out or some other physical activity!


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