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How To Prepare Yourself For The Dark Side of Launching

How To Prepare Yourself For The Dark Side of Launching

I’m not the first to say that pulling off a product launch for your business can be an emotional roller coaster.

There is a lot at stake when launching a new business venture or a new product…

There’s risk of so many things not working…and a lot on the line including time, money, and disappointment.

Today’s episode is a heartfelt chat about how to prepare for the darker side of launching.

Understanding some of the more daunting things that can happen during a launch and knowing how to deal with them should make the challenge a little easier.

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The Secrets To Teaching What You Do (and Being Successful At it)

secrets to teaching

Last week we talked about how to be an amazing teacher.

This week, we’re diving into 2 different teaching-slash-online-course models for taking all the things, the knowledge, and packaging them up to share with you audience.

Signature courses and membership sites.

Signature courses generally get created once and then launched + marketed on a regular schedule but don’t require an ongoing delivery of new material.

Membership sites are more of a library of content delivered to people on a regular basis with marketing + launching also something done on a regular basis.

How are they different? How are they the same?

Which is right for your business and more importantly your audience?

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James Wedmore On What It Takes To Become An Amazing Teacher

On this podcast, James Wedmore is talking about transformational teaching strategies, and spiritual aspects that need to be in alignment to succeed.

So you’ve created this online course.

You’re ready to share everything you know about a topic with full class of students.

But is there more to teaching online than just creating good videos, downloads and a pretty member’s area? Will you automatically become an amazing teacher just by packaging up your course and launching it?

You know my answer here.


What makes a course special, stand the test of time, grow year after year is its ability to change the lives of the people who sign up?

Find out in this week’s episode…

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The Truth About Creating Systems In Your Business

creating systems in your business

Lately, I’ve been hearing from my friends who’ve had businesses for several years that they are focusing the next quarter on simplifying, revising and refreshing their systems.

But do you need to start creating systems before your business is making money?

Thinking back, I know that the very first year of business back when I worked with Laura Roeder, we set up very simple systems to handle our weekly publishing schedule as well as how we launched products.

So, really, systems are everywhere.

And they’re nothing more than the “way” (a documented way really) that you do things.

So, all you have to do to get something out of today’s episode is this…commit to documenting how you do certain key things in your business.

When you do – you’ll discover what’s working, what’s not, and be able to make better decisions…

So, let’s do this, shall we?

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