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A Simple System To Create Better Packages and Services That Sell

Come listen to Rebecca of the Uncaged Life, and learn how to create better packages and servicesIf you thought figuring out what to offer people was a challenge, wait until you start creating packages and services for your soon to be clients!

Now I’m not saying this to scare you, but I find this is one of the trickiest pieces of creating a service-based business. What to offer, who to offer it to, how much, how to deliver it… there are tons of questions you could ask on the topic.

In fact, I’m curious, do you create on-the-fly or “custom” services for people when they approach you?

Why has it been so difficult to create specific packages and let people know how to work with you?

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7 Secrets To Growing Your Online Audience with Carrie Green

building your online audienceIf you’ve got an online business or are thinking of starting one, you’ve likely thought about how to get started actually growing your online audience?

Today – I brought in someone who’s managed to do just that on several platforms…

Carrie Green is the founder and chief inspiration officer at the Female Entrepreneur Association. She’s been on the podcast before and we talked about how she created FEA…If you’d like to listen to that interview first, click here to check out Episode 43 but today we’re diving into a bigger topic…building your audience–what it takes and the specific strategies Carrie has used to grow the FEA community to over 400,000 people on Facebook alone.

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Three Essential Hiring Reminders To Help You Become A Better Boss

hiring reminderHave you ever hired a team or even one person to help you in your business?


Maybe…you’ve been doing everything yourself in your business for some time now. Longer than you really should have.

But it’s not because you haven’t tried to find people to help you.

You’ve been on,, and, but you haven’t felt very  “lucky” in your search for the right person or people yet.

First thing is this – hiring is not an easy process.

Second thing – you are not alone in struggling through that process.

Third thing –  it IS something you have to do at some point if you want to grow beyond a “job-replacement” business. (believe me – I know this from personal experience!)

Every business owner gets to the point of hiring in different ways. Some people start finding help from the second they start their business. Some people start with interns. Others do everything as long as they possibly can…

When is the right time to hire someone for your business? The answer is different for everyone.

That’s what we’re talking about on today’s episode.

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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Live When You Launch (Plus 3 Simple Things To Try Now)

Welcome guest contributor — Caylie Price who’s got some amazing tips on using Facebook Live!

2017 is the year of connection and relationships.

Potential clients now expect you to not only know who they are but also that you care about them and what they’re biggest struggles are. (of course, it goes without saying you should absolutely care about your audience).

Because of this – it’s no longer acceptable for them to be a number on your email list (or feel like they are). People want more and they won’t settle for second best or being treated as if they are.

Now as Fearless Launchers, I know you’re already well aware of the value of connection and relationships – thanks to Anne for teaching us that – but I want to make these two normally vague concepts easier for you.

So if you haven’t already, say hello to Facebook Live, the perfect accompaniment to your launch and a simple way for you to engage, connect, communicate and get to know your audience (and for them to get to know you).

Why Facebook Live? Keep reading.

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