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How To Choose The Best Online Program In The World + Get The Most Out Of It

How To Choose The Best Online Program

When’s the last time you purchased an online program?

Sometime in the past year, you’ve been faced with the decision to buy, enroll or download a training course online. Or maybe you really wanted to go to a big event hosted by someone who really inspires you… and it bummed you out a little.

Ok, maybe it bummed you out a lot.

The pressure to buy comes at you from all angles…

Rejection: Not wanting to feel left out.
Belonging: Wanting to be part of the cool kids group or something bigger.
Reputation: Hearing so much about a program and why it’s the ONE thing you haven’t done that would turn your business around.
Cost: A high cost program has been broken down into so many payments that you can’t resist.
Information: You love to learn and are a bit of an addict for more and more info.

And the truth that you need to know is this… no 1 program is going to do it for you. In fact, I’ll go so far as to tell you that no program is going to be the reason you succeed.

There is no on switch to turn your business from struggling to successful.

But stick with me as I share how to choose those programs you invest in and then how to make sure you get the most out of them.

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My Launch Communication Strategy: How To Have More Conversations That Sell

Launch Communication StrategyPop Quiz…

Do you have a launch communication strategy?

What do you communicate? Where do you communicate it? Where do you tell people about your launch? How often do you talk about leading up to the launch? Do you use email? Videos? Podcast?

Where you communicate, where you show up…matters.

And if you’re not watching the interaction and response during the time leading up to your launch, during your launch and even after your launch, you need to start doing it.

Not only will you identify places online to amp up your communication and messaging, but you’ll also start to see where you can stop wasting time! You’ll stop spending hours trying to get a social media platform working   and focus more fully in the places where people are actually listening to you (and that you’re excited about)!

Instead of worrying or wondering whether you’re saying the right things or enough of the right things, here’s what to do to know that people are ready for your upcoming launch (and perhaps ready to become your client or customer)!

If you’re ready to reach more of those “right” people, your communication strategy is key, so let’s dive in and get started.

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4 Easy To Ignore Launch Mistakes That Undermine + Prevent You From Having A Successful Product Launch

What can you learn from your launch mistakes?

We all make mistakes during our launches. I’ve written about some common mistakes first time launchers make here and here.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about some internal mistakes you may be making as a business owner that can affect your business and all your product launches…these often don’t crop up right away either…

These aren’t quick fix mistakes, but ones you can aim to get better at over time.

Take out your journal right now and make notes on anything that comes up for you personally.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach these, only to work on shifting the way you handle launches, do business…and operate in the world.

If you’re ready to change the way you launch…let’s get started now.

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How To Create A Live Facebook Show w/ Vicky Lashenko of The Mompreneur Show

Come join us as I get the scoop on how Vicky Lashenko started her live facebook show.It’s funny to me that this episode about a live Facebook show starts many years ago at a live event!

World Domination Summit circa 2012 or 2013…standing outside the Portland Zoo waiting for a friend who was also attending. A smiling woman came running at me to introduce herself.

She gave me a book for my daughter Mila and she was so sweet, I wondered what she wanted from me… clearly I wasn’t used to just plain ‘ole nice, genuine, giving people.

But later that day, I thought to myself how refreshing this woman was and knew we’d become friends. I needed more nice people around me.

5 years later and Vicky Lashenko is still as sweet, genuine, concerned, and committed as she was then…

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