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How To Hire A Launch Manager

launch managerLooking to hire a launch manager?

This episode will give you some getting started advice you need to make sure you hire the right person for your next (or first) launch manager.

If you’ve ever worked on a launch, planned a launch, or struggled to get your products and services out to the world, it’s likely you thought at some point — man, I could use some help here.

And you may have heard people telling you to start by hiring a Project Manager.

And – it may be true. Starting with someone to help you manage all the tasks you do during your normal day and during launches…well, yes, you’ll feel the relief if you can find the right person.

But there’s more to know about hiring a launch manager, about being one, and how to know when you’ve found someone amazing.

Let’s dive in and find out how to hire the right person for this important role on your launch team.


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The 3-Step Process Customer Research Process You Better Start Today To Understand Your Audience (free tracker included)

If I asked you — do you do customer research or target market research, what would you say?

Would you tell me you send out a survey every year? Maybe you have an autoresponder question? Or – no, you generally just ask people on Facebook? Or…maybe you haven’t asked anyone at all.

Here’s what I know…

The people who share the stories of their audience, past customers, current customers like they are relatives or dear friends…well, they know their peeps. They’ve done the customer and target audience research.

And…they are more prepared to serve their audiences, share the right content, create the right products, and make time to continue doing the research as a regular part of doing all of the above.

So if I asked you to share the story (generally of course) of your audience, could you do the same?

Don’t worry – I won’t put you on the spot or send you a text to answer me now…but lately I’ve been asking myself this question.

That’s why today’s episode dives into more than just gathering information about your “target market” or your ideal customer. We’ll also talk about how to understand and use the information!


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7 Tips For Choosing The Right Tools To Run Your Business

In today’s episode I’m going to talk you through how to choose the right tools to run your business… and we’re going to focus on the principles that will help you make any decision.

Warning – this isn’t a “who does what better”… or “you shouldn’t switch tools” or a “tools don’t make the launch” post…

Over the life of my business and I’m sure your’s as well, you’ll come across a lot of different solutions to help you do your work better, faster, easier…and ones that will cost you less money, more money…

My take on tools is simple…

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It’s Never Too Late: 5 Tips To Planning Your Year Even If It’s Already Started

Still haven’t planned out Q1 yet?

Didn’t attend a planning session or brainstorm or buy a planner or anything in November or December?

That’s okay – you’re not behind and you can still make a plan for an amazing quarter…even if it’s already started.

In fact, instead of trying to catch up and plan the entire year, how about looking at the next 90 days only.

This is a great exercise you can do anytime you feel like you’ve been effective, working on the right things, or feel scattered.

Drop the worry that you’re somehow behind, that you’ve lost time, that you’ll never make it up now. Because everyday is a chance to start!

Here are 5 tips to making your plan and getting it going fast…

Grab your notebook and let’s do this:

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