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How To Find Your Purpose with Hillary Rubin

Hillary shares her step by step process for really digging into what you do, what you know and who you are so you can find your purpose as a coach.

Coaches and consultants listen up…

Do you have a clearly defined purpose and person you serve?

Whether you’re first starting your coaching business, trying to figure out what your business will be and what to do with that information – today’s episode is for you.

My guest and creator of respected coach training program, The Art of Becoming A Coach, Hillary Rubin has made it her mission to help coaches do the digging and help you find out what you were meant to do, using your unique gifts.

Could you use some help figuring out how to put your gifts into practical action and start helping people?

Then – let’s get to it.

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Launch Stories: The New Sobriety™ with Kristoffer Carter

Launch Stories: The New Sobriety™ with Kristoffer Carter

Gather round…

Time for a Launch Story…

We should be calling this how to launch something people don’t want to admit they need…

Launching can be a rough complex process…and it gets even more challenging when you’re trying to connect with an audience that typically likes to stay anonymous.

But Kristoffer Carter put all that aside, focused on his mission to connect, support and start a new conversation with people struggling with “the drinks”.

So we dove head first into that topic… where he shared lots of strategies implemented on purpose and as happy accidents….

If you’re ready to hear how KC launched his pilot program and what he’s doing the same and completely different this time around – keep listening.

And if you’ve ever thought that your “topic” or business was too hard to share with people just by the mere sensitive nature of the work, think again…let KC bust down those myths.
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50+ Questions To Ask Before You Relaunch Your Online Course

Relaunch Your Online Course

Are you getting ready to relaunch your online course or digital project?

Maybe you’re about to kick off a challenge other online event you do on a regular basis?

Well I normally talk about the pieces you need to pull together to put your launch together, but what about DELIVERING what you promised?

Yes, marketing is important, but you’ve also got to be able to back it up with an amazing experience.

It’s not enough to create a product that converts people to your customers or create content that converts people…

That’s why today, we’re talking about the delivery phase of a relaunch and how to make your product better, more valuable to your current, past and future customers…

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5 Steps To Setting Launch Goals The Right Way

setting launch goals

Are you planning your launch? If you are – have you started setting launch goals for yourself, your team or your revenue?

Along with all the pieces you’ll need to “figure out” to execute a product launch, the one step I push all my students and myself to make are setting launch goals and making realistic revenue projections for the launch.

But how do you do set realistic goals if you’ve a) never launched and b) never sold anything before…

That’s what we’re going to be talking about in today’s episode of the Fearless Launching.

I’ll walk you through my 3 step process for setting launch goals that:

  1. Are based in reality
  2. Feel attainable
  3. Give you specific actionable steps
  4. Show you where you need improvement
  5. Inform all of your decisions about the launch

Let’s dive in because I want you to really think about this goal setting piece of your launch…

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