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Reclaim Your Weekend

Be honest – how many of you solopreneurs, work at home moms, and artists don’t stop working on the weekends? Do you ever take a day off? Here’s a great reminder to reclaim your weekend and what it can do to improve your work time.

Are you ready to stop over-working yourself?


Click on this image. Save and Print it out!

My fave project & task management app sent me this image to share with you as I was writing this post (talk about psychic!) – and I think it fits well with an end of the week ritual I do to feel renewed and make sure I go into the weekend ready to rest.

One of the best ways to keep momentum is to celebrate your wins and reward yourself — however small they may seem to you – the recognition you give them can mean the difference between taking more action tomorrow and, well…not.

So, before you read another word, sit back and think about what you feel great about this week:

Did you eat healthy every single day?

How about just celebrating you staying away from the vending machine?

Did ya drink enough water every day?

Did you get to inbox zero at work? Did you finish a project? Start a project?

Acknowledge Your Wins

I know you have at least one thing.  Try to list 5 right now. Go ahead. No…REALLY.

Here I’ll share a few my own wins with  you.

The White Space Solution made its way around the web and I’m so excited by the response and feedback I’ve received from everyone.

How to give yourself space to grow
An interview with the lovely techie girl Nathalie Lussier.  She grilled me about white space and how I made room for myself to grow in order to finish my book!

Follow Your Passion and Keep Your Day Job
My first post on Laura Roeder’s site. I work for Laura in addition to managing and writing for my own site.  Working on the LKR team has changed the way I look at business.  Find out why I am no longer in the I-can’t-wait-to-quit-this-job mode.  It’s partially in thanks to finding an awesome team to work with, but it’s also because of a change of mindset about working on “other people’s stuff”.

What’s Your Rush? How To Get Health & Fit For The Long Term
Sheila Viers is one of those people I respect so much and I’ve followed her site for a few years now. We became online and the real life friends through our mutual lady love Valerie Waters. She asked me to talk about making space and time for a healthy, non-rushed road back to fit.

First Online Review of The White Space Solution by LeeAnne Hebert
LeeAnne is an amazing fitness and wellness coach who regularly pokes my bum back into shape — literally with a simple poke on Facebook.  She jumped on the White Space Solution bandwagon and gave me a review that actually kind of made me blush! Check out the post and then poke around her blog for more goodies.

Why You Shouldn’t Resist Your Strengths Anymore
Okay – I put this here because this article has been brewing inside me for awhile, but I wasn’t sure it fit – and I just went with it and posted.  The response and emails I’ve received because of it are truly heartwarming.  Allowing myself to share work that has an impact on others is why I write this blog, so a celebration is definitely in order!

And if you haven’t checked out the book yet, go on over to this post where I tell you all about The White Space Solution and why you need it!

Celebration Time

Once you have acknowledged your wins for the week, take Wrike’s advice and reward yourself with a WEEKEND OFF.

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  1. Kim October 25, 2011 at 11:09 am #

    I love the image you posted!! Finding ways to properly manage our time is an important first step to managing our lives and fulfilling our dreams. Great tool! Great post!

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