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How to pick the RIGHT tools to run your business

Business tools

How do you pick the right tools to run your business? Does it matter what tools you use? Are you using too few? Too many?

Check out my roundup of what worked, what didn’t, and what’s changed going into a new year.

Running a business requires you to make tough decisions every single day.  You decide what to keep, what to scrap, what to revise in every area of your biz…

December marks a nice and tidy way to go through your systems to see what worked and what didn’t…

But before we get into that – let’s address the bigger question about “how” you run your business.

Does it matter what tools you use to operate your business?

The answer is simply, NO.

[enter soapbox]
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Ask the Reader: Are Your Everyday Actions Improving Your Business + What Needs To Change?

What are you doing on a daily basis to build your business? Are you focusing on the most important activities? Or not.

When you “work” on your business…what are you actually doing?

  • Tweaking your website favicon or changing the font?
  • Worrying about your company name and trying on new ones often?
  • Are you creating your first product or program offering, because you know that you need to be selling something to even BE a business?
  • Or maybe you’re planning your first launch of a product that’s ready to go?
  • Plotting out your promotion & launch schedule for the next 2 quarters?
  • Trying to finish a guest post for a site that has a potential but not exact audience fit?
  • Meeting with potential clients and offering them your services?
  • Checking your e-junkie account for new sales?
  • Refreshing your site for new comments for your latest blog post?
  • Talking on the phone all day with each and every one of your mastermind partners about what you want to do and getting a lot of “great ideas” from them?

Some of these are important business growth activities – and some are not.

We’re all guilty of doing not so important things every once in awhile, but if you can’t honestly say you spend enough time working on important, i.e. revenue building activities..then, sooner or later you will realize you don’t even have a business.
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5 Systems To Put In Place Before You Launch

7-systems-workbookTell me if this sounds familiar: You have a great idea for a project and you start creating it with the hopes of launching it in the next few months.

When you’re almost finished, you start talking about it on social media to warm people up to what you are creating.

Then you manage to get a sales page up on your website or a blog post and a link to buy it, but then no one comes.

No one clicks the link….

2 weeks go by and you sit quietly waiting for the first sale.

Then something hits you and you decide to go in and start double checking everything.

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